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A nice piece of stationery can make your text more colorful, a suitable stationery can make your copy more professional. Master the following three steps, you can also use the WPS Office system to make your own unique stationery!

First step: Set up the document and insert the picture;

First, create a new blank document, the default new document is A4, and you can adjust the size of page paper at start-page setup, if the stationery for the A4 layout retains the default settings. Then select the picture you want to do as a background, and paste the picture into the header or footer by clicking View-Header and footer (as shown in the following image).

("View"--"headers and footers")

The second step: Set Picture format, adjust picture size layout;

Set the picture to "below the text", you can drag the picture freely, and you can adjust the position of the picture. Click the picture, and the Picture toolbar appears. Click the Text Wrapping button and select "Below text."

As shown in the following illustration:

At this point, when the mouse moved to the picture into the 10 shape, you can move your pictures to the appropriate location. If the mouse moves to the border, the mouse will turn into an arrow-like, you can change the size of the picture.

After you resize the picture to the appropriate position and size. Close the Header and Footer toolbar, as shown in the picture. Such a background stationery is initially completed.

Step three: Set the font style for stationery

You can set the font style according to the style of the stationery picture, press CTRL+F1 to open Task Manager (as shown below), select the style and format. By modifying the body, paragraph heading styles. Let the text and background effect to achieve unity. Such a fine stationery is done.

★ Advanced Tutorial: (Make the first page of different stationery cover book)

Would you like to make a "set" stationery with the following cover? You can make a full set of stationery with cover (as shown below) by selecting "Layout" in the page setup in step 1 and by checking the "home page is different". or check "odd even page is different", you can make a single two pages of different stationery ~ to try It

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