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In this soaring housing prices, soaring prices, only wages do not rise in the era, the vast majority of sitting in the bright office ol are also feel the coolness behind it? such as "The Devil in Prada" is full of anger staring at the toil you, you have to be cautious, quick to move, lest a inattentive lost valuable job opportunities.

So, our lovely Lala students how to skillfully operate the computer to bypass the dangers and eventually win the boss's heart and then successfully embarked on the promotion channel? Now let me look at the scene one by one.

"The Lala promotion note"

Lala Career Experience One: I just need to find out you lied to me once, you're a untrustworthy person.

The workplace is like a battlefield, and the office is definitely a place for personal eyes. Maybe you accidentally, browsing the network information leaked to colleagues, so about your work time on the Internet to read novels, stealing vegetables, listening to songs, Taobao, blog, watch video, and even steal a job site, and many other private rumors will be around the end of a circle to your boss's ears, eventually blocked your promotion road. Now, please see how our clever Lala students keep their Internet secrets.

Lala Demo: Use a proud tour account, save all the personal web browsing traces.

Open the browser, the use of personal account login, all traces of the Internet in the personal account, do not know that you are proud of the account password even cracked your company's computer password, log into your company computer, or you can not understand the traces of your Internet.

Still feel no insurance? Use the "Privacy model", all traces of the internet do not leave any marks, who do not know what you do on the Internet.

Lala Workplace Experience Two: dispensable person, can be replaced at any time. A typical feature of high potential talent is to never meet the status quo and constantly challenge higher goals.

Among the many subordinates, how to attract the favor of the boss? To work in obscurity does not catch his eye. Now learn to use China's most professional proud browser, show you as OL Professional, dedicated side, to leave the boss a good smart impression!

Lala Demo: Use the "online Collection" and "collection panel" to help me synchronize in real time.

Work in the unit did not finish, take home to continue to do, so that the midnight to submit more can make a good impression. The URLs you want to save are saved to your favorites by using shortcut keys Ctrl+d not finished the document using shortcut keys Ctrl+g saved in the "collection panel", the use of Proud tour account all uploaded to the proud tour network server, the next class back home to open the computer even online, directly downloaded in the unit to save bookmarks and documents, convenient and quick!

Lala Career Experience Three: opportunities always favor those who are prepared, especially those who have good memory. Remember the boss's account, even if he does not remember, you help him think, he will look at you.

Heavy work under pressure, not a few white-collar beauty do not forget things. The boss is a good mouth. The boss again said: "Lala, and then help me to book a ticket to Yunnan, to fast!" Lala, help me log in to the client's forum, username and password I told you last time! " What do you do? Ask your boss again his ID number and other information? It seems too retarded and not professional.

Lala Demonstration: Make good use of proud travel intelligent filling form, save the information before filling.

For example, the first time to help the boss to book a ticket, enter the boss's ID number, click "Save the current form." Next time to help the boss in the Ctrip, as long as the use of travel account landing, right click the "smart form", proud tour will automatically help you fill in the Boss's ID number. Convenient and quick!

For example, the boss let you use his username and password to login to a website, in the first landing, enter the boss's username and password, click "Save the current form." The next time the boss wants you to log on to the site, as long as the use of proud to log into the account, click the right button to choose "Smart form", proud tour will automatically help you fill out your boss's username and password, easy to take a step to fix!

Finally, I wish you all JMS can be like Lala General smile proud of the workplace!

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