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Outlook is a well-known common mail client. It has powerful functions and rich functions. It can fully explore these functions to improve work efficiency, here are some practical settings for Outlook (my current version is English STANDARD 2003 ):

1. Why do I often receive repeated emails in outlook?

In most cases, this is related to network instability. in whatever circumstances, how can we delete duplicate emails? Here we will introduce a free plug-in: Odir; after installation, an item will be added to the menu, which is very simple to use. After selecting a folder for searching duplicate files, odir will find out the duplicate emails and then delete them. The running interface is as follows:

2. I have too many emails in outlook. Sometimes it is very slow to search for a contact or email. Is there any good method?

Here we will introduce another free plug-in: xobin, which has a strange name. It is the inverted write of inbox, which is required for installation. net framework2.0 support; after installation, an additional menu will be provided in the menu item, which is relatively simple. After installation, it will first index all emails. If there are many emails, this operation may be slow for the first time. Search again after indexing is very fast. The running interface is as follows: 3. Many mail clients can distinguish the mail color of different senders. Can outlook be used?Of course. The specific steps are as follows: select an email for someone, select Tools = "organize" from the menu, and then select using colors, you can set the color of the sender's email. After setting the color, click "Apply", select "automatic formating" in the upper right corner, and set the font as follows: 4. I have multiple mailboxes. How can I put the emails in different folders in each mailbox?First, you must be aware that this is a problem with "Multi-Account" setting, not a problem with "multi-user" setting. For example, I have two mailboxes: Gmail and Hotmail. I want to create two folders: Gmail and Hotmail. Then, the emails of each account are automatically placed under the corresponding folder. Someone tried to create multiple "Outlook data files "(*. pst file, for example), and then select different "Outlook data file" for different accounts in the email accounts. This will not take effect, the change to "Outlook data file" affects all accounts. The correct method is: Select Tools =, rules and alerts =, new rule... = "start from a blank rule", click "Next" to go to the next step, select "through the specified account", and click "specified" to select an account, such as a Gmail account, click Next to go to the next step, select "Move it to the specified folder", click "specified" below to select a folder, and select your own Gmail folder, next, click "Next". The last step is to name the rule "Gmail ". In this way, emails from the Gmail account will be automatically transferred to the Gmail file. Create a rule for Hotmail in the same way. So if I had a lot of accounts in the Inbox before creating these rule, can I separate them into various folders? Of course, after creating these rule, select Tools =, rules and alerts =, run rules now, select a rule, and the folder where the rule is to be executed, such as Inbox, then run the command. If I set folders for multiple accounts according to the preceding settings, all emails of all accounts will be automatically forwarded to the corresponding folder, and no emails will be sent to inbox, after outlook is started, the default folder is inbox. Can I set this default folder to a folder created by myself? Yes. The procedure is: Tools = "Options =" Other = "advanced options. The first item above contains: startup in this folder. Select a file. 5. What can I ask if I find a word process in the task manager after starting outlook? Can I close this word process?By default, Outlook uses word to edit HTML emails. You can specify whether to use Word as the editor by using the options in tools =, Options =, and mail format, after you cancel this option, start outlook and the word process will not be started automatically. 6. An advantage for mailboxes using the IMAP protocol is that they can only receive the mail header and decide how to handle the mail according to the mail header. Can POP3 emails only receive the mail header?Select "Tools" = "" Send/receive "from the menu, and then select the cascade menu under an account:" Download inbox headers "to download only the mail header, after downloading the email header, you can mark it as the downloaded content or delete it, you can select "Tools" = "" Send/receive ", and then select the cascade menu under the Account:" process marked headers ", you can perform operations on emails on the remote server. Refer: 7. What kind of activities does the company need? There are various solutions for you to choose from. How can we get a vote email?Step: Create an email and select "View" = "options" from the menu. The "message options" dialog box appears. Select "using voting buttons ", you can enter the items you want to vote for. each item is separated by a semicolon (;), so that the recipient will see a row of voting buttons above the email, after the recipient clicks the corresponding button to vote, the initiator will receive the corresponding result. As follows: 8. I have made a lot of settings in the mail. If I re-configure the system in the future, will it be necessary to export the settings?Yes. After installing the office, you can select "Microsoft Office Tools" from the Start Menu, which contains "Microsoft Office 2003 save my settings ", you can use this tool to restore the settings of outlook everywhere. 9. How can I add a scheduled reminder to an email?For example, if the boss sends an email saying that he wants to submit a work report for this week before leaving work on Friday, you can add a scheduled reminder for this email. Select an email, right-click the menu shown in, and select "add reminder...". In the displayed dialog box, set the scheduled reminder time. In this way, a dialog box will pop up 15 minutes before three o'clock P.M. on Friday to remind you.

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