Make NOKIA8250 phone with fireworks

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Because the work is more complex, so it is impossible to write step-by-step, here only provides a thought, the specific parameters can refer to the source file I provided.
First of all, considering the mobile phone's streamlined structure is more complex, there may be some pen tools are not too familiar with the friend can not be used in a pen to the phone's outer frame outline, we can do so.

First draw the lower part, here we put the phone's appearance into four parts to do, this is the lower right corner of the section, because the phone is symmetrical, so, to make the lower right corner, we can perform shift+ctrl+d clone one of the same, and then perform the transformation-> horizontal flip, and then put two pieces together, Execute modify-> Combined path-> union, effect as shown in figure:

In the same way, the upper part can be made:

May have some friends say how can do and Nokia's outward type? You can search the Internet for a photo of a mobile phone, and then follow the phone's outer shape. You can draw a rounded rectangle, and then use the punch (here may be repeatedly used to punch, joint, and so on, if you are using the pen master may be the trouble will be spared, but I am not, had to use stupid method AH) hehe. The shape of the phone can probably come out.

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