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Let's take a look at the final effect of Photoshop's patch text effect:

Photoshop Tutorial: Make a patch text effect production process:

1. Create 1000*500pixels background layer, fill color #524f2e.

2. Set the background color and foreground color to be the default black and white, and then use the filter-twist-diffuse brightness setting as follows:

After adjustment, you can get the following effect:

Photoshop Tutorial: Make a patch text effect step 3.

Press D to restore the standard settings for the foreground and background colors. Then press CTRL j to copy a layer and use a filter-brush stroke-clinch line on the copy layer. The settings are as follows:

Get the following effect:

4. Change the layer blending mode to darken, and change the layer opacity to 30%.

5. Add a gradient effect to this canvas effect. Create a new layer and add a black to transparent gradient

6. Select the Horizontal type tool (Arial black, size 130 pt, Sharp). Write down the following font.

7. For the text layer to increase the banner change, set as follows:

8. Move the text layer to the middle of the work area.

9. Find a suitable cloth material picture on the website and define it as pattern

Select the type layer, select the pattern you just defined, and add a pattern overlay effect to the type layer:

10. Grid text layer. Using the Eraser tool, the preset is as follows:

11. Processing the edge of the text layer to obtain the following cloth material effect:

12. Increase the projection and the outer glow effect for the layer.

Get the following effect:

13. Now do the stitching effect. Create a new layer, select the Brush tool (0 hardness, 3px), and get the following effect:

14. For better results, the following embroidery words can be added:

15: For the layer to add shading, outer glow, and layer overlay effect, the settings are as follows:

16. The following final results can be obtained through the above steps:

: Make a patch text effect to this end, I hope you have some inspiration.

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 182958314 welcome you to join

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