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(Canon 40D + Canon 16-35mm. f/5.0 and 1/500s at ISO 100.)

In the picture of the plural of their own? Unless you really know the Phiming, or you need to use the help of the latter technology, this is not the point, because to produce interesting photos, creativity is the most important part of AH.

Here is a brief description of how to make this picture.

1. Ready to shoot tools: camera, tripod, shutter line (optional)

Because this photo is most important to keep the "consistency" between the photos, try to fix the camera as much as possible.

2. Set to M mode (manual mode)

To keep the photo consistent, the same exposure is required; In addition, a small aperture to increase the depth of the fields, can help to maintain a number of locations are clearer, the original author set to F/5.0;iso of course the lower the better, as the shutter speed depends on the needs.

3. Set to Manual focus

Focus on where you will appear and avoid a different focus on each photograph.

4. Decide which part of the scene you're in

Note the points: do not overlap as much as possible to avoid complicated post processing; the width and depth of the scene can be kept close to the camera, or away from the camera, to enrich the picture; plan well before filming, otherwise it will be a waste of time.

5. Shooting

In short, just try not to interfere with the camera, shoot, check, redo/Take the next one. Individually, these pictures may be odd.

6. Post-System photos

When you are careful not to destroy the consistency of the photos, the original author uses Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) to simultaneously process all the photos.

7. Synthetic photo (Photoshop)

Select a photo as a base, other photos as the overlay layer, add all black shading on each layer, and then use a pencil, white-out the desired composition to show them out and keep the background consistent (as shown in the right column above).

Here are some other works

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