Making 3D Rock fonts with PS

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01. Final Effect

  02. Text Prototype

Well, the first time to do a tutorial, not in place, you have a lot of advice.

Use a brush font to play the text of the prototype (this example is mainly used to ' Japanese brush font '), because the "" the word "" and then use ' style square orchid pavilion body ' instead of the text and adjust the text size and position, after a copy of the ' Font prototype ' group

  03. Add Sputtering Effect

On the basis of the text prototype, add the appropriate text sputtering to enhance the effect.

You can add sputtering at the stroke junction and in the ' dots ' area of the text. At the edge of the text to add some writing brush when the end of the effect of the amount, in fact, there is nothing to say, by feeling at will add, appropriate.

04. Add Text Texture

Choose the right rock picture and cut the Rock section.

Use a rock layer as a clipping mask for a type layer.

It's like a texture. Duplicate the rock layer to adjust the position, in the transition of the blunt place with a layer mask pull, of course, you use the eraser directly to wipe the line, want is an effect, the method is not limited.

05. Add the base 3d effect

This step-by-step operation is similar.

Copy the text layer and move to the bottom of the original layer, and adjust the position so that it has the effect of a text shadow. After you have cropped the footage picture, "Create a clipping mask" to the text layer that you just copied.

Important: Use the brush to draw some stereo effect on the original text layer (note the change of the Arrow place), the expression is not very good on that meaning clam.

 06. Enhance the 3D effect

The previous two pieces of material in the picture of the rock out, ctrl+t deformation to find a good position to paste up. This part really does not know how to express well, directly on GIF good.

07. Increase the High light

In the corresponding position to add some high light effect, in fact, is to tick a pixel line, and then the two sides of the virtual off on the line.

 08. Add grass, vines, waterfalls, He Yun

To the present effect basically come out, the rest is embellish polish.

Put the grass, vines, water, clouds and so on, and put them in the place you think fit, it's done.

Extrapolate, you can also do something like the following in accordance with the above method.

    • PS Text Tutorial
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