Making the music notation skillfully with WPS

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After the face of the WPS in many aspects of the introduction, it should be the same as the small series agree with the powerful function of WPS. But you know what? Using WPS simple mathematical formula and special characters, you can produce beautiful music notation, want to try it. Together to see the specific production process.

⒈ and the input of the Beat

For example: 1=d, for the number (#) can directly type the character, for the Drop (b), you can directly enter the lowercase letter "B" to replace. When you insert it, select it, and then choose Superscript on the modifier under the text menu, for example: 1=BG. Then the beats, such as 4/4, 3/4, and so on, can be entered directly, or you can select fractions in a mathematical formula to complete.

 The Making of music notation

The input of ⒉ score

⑴ Click Work Bar under the View menu, select the Action Wizard, and Open the Action Wizard dialog box.

⑵ mouse click "Insert", select "Mathematical Formula", in the text area will appear a dotted box. Click on the "Top sign formula" and select "arc" in the right window of the library.

⑶ Mouse click on the "Symbol Library" left window, select the "Top Formula", and then select "Underline" in the right window, enter 1 Space 2.

⑷ Press the right cursor key on the keyboard two times so that the cursor leaves the underline area and enter a space. In the Operation Wizard, click the "math formula → top formula" input 3 space space 4, press three right cursor key to leave this formula editing area, so as to enter a new formula.

⑸ click symbols → common symbols under the Insert menu and select the third symbol in the pop-up gallery.

⑹ Mouse click on the "Symbol library" to the left window, select the "Top-standard formula."

⑺ Select underline in the top sign formula, enter 5 spaces, and press the right cursor key two.

⑻ Select underline in the top sign formula and enter 6 Space 7.

⑼ Press the RIGHT ARROW key on the keyboard three times.

⑽ click on "Top-standard formula" and select Arcs in the right window of the gallery. In the top label Formula Select Underline, enter 1 Space 2, double-click the right cursor key two.

If you follow the above method, you will soon get the notation. Then, enter the lyrics.

It is necessary to note that after each object such as the "top formula" operation completes, you need to move the cursor properly so that it leaves the area for the next object to operate. Also, be sure to save it as a WPS format when saving.

The above is the use of WPS to make beautiful music notation, as long as you remember the harmonic rhythm represented by the number, and then according to the top-standard formula to make the setup. If you are a music lover, or the arrangement of the good players, quickly to use WPS to make music notation bar, to ensure that a learning will.

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