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In order to improve the system performance, speed up the system startup, file read speed, Windows Xp/server 2003 has added the pre-read function. The Windows\prefetch folder under the Windows Xp/server 2003 system disk is the folder where the prefetch is located, and there are many files in the Prefetch folder with the PF extension, which is the system-generated prefetch file. However, if this function is not used well, a long time, will generate a large number of pre-read files, occupy valuable hard disk space, resulting in system search spending longer, heavier system search burden, so that the system runs slowly. Therefore, only the tube good, use these pre-read files, can always keep the system performance optimization, so that the system runs faster and smoother.

Let's start by creating a way to read your own prefetch, by default windows xp/server 2003 only reads the Windows system files. If the computer configuration is not high friends may want to cancel the pre-read function, and the computer configuration of higher friends may want to read some of the files, then how to create a suitable for their own read the way?

In fact, Windows Xp/server 2003 allows us to change the pre read mode and set the pre read object ourselves. The method is: Click "start → run", enter "Regedit" in the Run dialog, open Registry Editor, expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\prefetchparameters Branch, locate the "Enableprefetcher" in the right window, which is the read-only method of Windows Xp/server 2003 that is controlled by the key value. Double-click on "Enableprefetcher" to open the DWORD Value edit window to read the Windows Xp/server 2003 for pre-reading settings by changing the value of the "Value data".

Set the value data to:

"0"--Cancel the pre-read function;

"1"--the system will only read the application in advance;

"2"--the system will read only the Windows system files, which is the default setting for Windows Xp/server 2003;

"3"-the system will read the Windows system files and applications in advance.

OK, now you can define your own way of prefetching according to your computer configuration.

Secondly, we should develop a good habit of regularly cleaning up pre read files. You can manually delete all files in the Prefetch folder at a time. In this way, the system's pre-read function can better serve us.

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