Manage virtual disks with Windows7 built-in features

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As many friends know, the VHD (virtual Hard disk) file format is a special design for Virtual PC, VPN Server 2005, Hyper-V virtual machine 2007 has already provided support for the VHD mirroring format, or we can mount the VHD file as a virtual disk using WINMOUNT3.

However, if you have already used Windows 7, then you can use its built-in disk management capabilities to directly mount the VHD file, or even create a virtual disk manually, which is no doubt simpler, and the operation is very simple, here through two examples to illustrate the relevant steps:

Instance one: Mount the VHD file

The use of Windows 7 to mount the VHD format of the virtual disk files, not only easier to operate, but also eliminates the installation of WinMount3 trouble, the following steps:

Step 1th: Enter the control Panel, open the "Computer Management" window, if you have already set the display Computer icon on the desktop, you can right-click to select "Manage" to open the window.

Step 2nd: Select "Storage" from the left navigation Pane, right-click its "Disk Management", as shown in Figure 1, select "Attach vhd" from the shortcut menu, and a dialog box pops up asking you to specify the path where the VHD file is located, and then click Browse button can be specified directly.

Figure 1 Virtual disk files for Windows 7 mounted VHD format

3rd Step:

After you complete the settings above, click OK to close the dialog box, after returning to the Disk Management window, as shown in Figure 2, we can see that there is an additional disk "Disk2" that has not yet been initialized (the name here depends on the hard disk loading of the local computer), which is the mounted virtual disk, At the same time, the automatic operation of the disk will also eject the Automatic playback window, select "Open folder to view files" can access the content.

Figure 2 virtual disks loaded in Windows 7

The next step is much simpler, and returning to the Explorer window to access the virtual disk you just mounted is no different from manipulating the local disk.

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