ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus 8.0 Build 8013 Multiple xss defects and repair

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Secur-I Research Group Security Advisory [SV-2011-003]
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Title: ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus 8.0 Build 8013 Multiple Persistence Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities
Product: ServiceDesk Plus
Vulnerable version: 8.0 Build 8013 (Other versions cocould also be affected)
Fixed version: N/
Impact: Medium
Vulnerability ID: SV-2011-003
Found: 2011-07-08
By: Narendra Shinde
Secur-I Research Group
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Vendor description:
ServiceDesk Plus integrates your help desk requests and assets to help you manage your it was tively. it helps you implement ITIL best practices and troubleshoot IT service requests faster. serviceDesk Plus is highly customizable, easy-to-implement help desk software. more than 10,000 IT managers worldwide use ServiceDesk Plus to manage their IT help desk and assets. serviceDesk Plus is available in 23 different ages.
Vulnerability Information:
Class: Improper Neutralization of Input during Web Page Generation
('Cross-site scripting') [CWE-79]
Impact: Insertion and Execution of malicious scripts in user browser
Remotely Exploitable: Yes
Authentication Required: Yes
User interaction Required: Yes
Vulnerability overview/description:
ServiceDesk Plus version 8.0 Build 8013 is prone to multiple persistent cross-site scripting vulnerabilities as the user-supplied input parameter ed via certain parameters is not properly sanitized.
This can be exploited by submitting specially crafted input to the affected software. successful exploitation cocould allow the attacker to execute arbitrary script code within the user's browser session in the security context of the targeted site. the attacker cocould gain access to user's cookies (including authentication cookies), if any, associated with the targeted site, access recently submitted data by the target user via web forms, or take actions on the site masquerading as the target user.
Proof-of-Concept (PoC ):
URL: do? ForwardTo = technician & fromModule = QuickAction
Action: Configuration wizard-Add New Technician
Vulnerable Parameter: Name
Test string used: '> <script> alert ('securview') </scrip
URLs: do
Action: Add a new site
Vulnerable Parameter: Site name
Test string used: '> <script> alert ('securview') </script>
URL: do
Action: Create Group
Vulnerable Parameter: Group Name
Test string used: '> <script> alert ('securview') </script>
URL: do? Operation = newagreement
Action: Add new license agreement
Vulnerable Parameter: Agreement Number
Test string used: '> <script> alert ('securview') </script>
URL: do? IsServer = true
Action: Server Configuration-Computer
Vunlerable parameter: Name
Test string used: '> <script> alert ('securview') </script>
Proper user input filtering. For more details please refer:
Vulnerability Found: 14/7/2011
Reported to Vendor: 14/7/2011
Confirmation from vendor: 19/7/2011
Public Disclosure: 29/7/2011
Thanks & Regards,
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