Managing unstructured data through SQL 2008

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Managing unstructured data through SQL Server 2008

SQL Server Technical Documentation

Author: Graeme Malcolm (Content Supervisor)

Technical Auditor: Shan Sinha

Project Editor: Joanne Hodgins

Release Date: August 2007

Applicable products: SQL Server 2008

Overview: The growth of digital information provides an inspiration for how businesses should store and access business data. As the core of business applications, databases must be able to integrate with unstructured data, including documents, images, video, and other multimedia formats. To be able to manage the information lifecycle, meet policy requirements, and implement content management solutions, organizations need to store and manage digitized data in all formats.

Microsoft SQL server™2008 provides a flexible solution for storing unstructured data and combining it with relational data to build a comprehensive solution around all the data in the enterprise.


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Introduction 1

Commercial power of unstructured data 1

Challenges to unstructured data 1

Challenges for storing unstructured data 2

Challenges in using unstructured data 2

Target 2 of unstructured data in SQL Server 2008

Storing unstructured data in SQL Server 2008 2

SQL Server BLOB3


Remote BLOB Storage API3

Comparison of storage options for BLOBs 4

Searching for unstructured data in SQL Server 2008 4

Integrated Full-text Search 5

Conclusion 5

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