Manual and thorough removal of various methods for Intractable Trojan Horse Trojans

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Many computer users often encounter a situation where their antivirus software reports discovered the Trojan Horse virus, but it was unable to clear and isolate it, or it appeared again shortly after it was cleared, which is very distressing. What should I do now?
In fact, Trojan Horse is a general term for Trojans by some anti-virus software. It does not represent a fixed one, but a category. Therefore, they may not be the same even when encountering Trojans of the same name. Ferthost security is a software that can clear Trojans and viruses and has a strong ability to clear viruses. If you have an official version, you can use it to scan and clear the latest virus database, however, we need to remind you that new variants of this type of Trojan horse are emerging, so it cannot be guaranteed that ferthost can identify all or your current problems. Is there any other way out of this? Yes. The following describes how to clear this stubborn Trojan Horse Trojan by using the free tool "fair Trojan force removal assistant" (which has been integrated into the new version of ferthost security:
Before using this method, you must first know what the trojan file name is. After detecting a Trojan, the antivirus software usually reports its complete file name. You must record the file name accurately first. For example, if the antivirus software prompts that C:/Windows/Hello. dll is Trojan Horse, write down the name C:/Windows/Hello. dll. Note that the file name must be accurate, because many Trojans intentionally pretend that their file names are very similar to normal file names, such as svch0st.exe (Trojan)-> svchost.exe(normal syntax when explicit 0rer.exe (Trojan) -> assumer.exe(normal zookeeper intrenat.exe/internet.exe (Trojan)-> internat.exe (normal) and so on. In particular, the number 0 is almost the same as the uppercase letter O, which is easy to get people wrong, so be sure to distinguish them. Otherwise, if you remember wrong, you may clear normal files, it will be troublesome;
It is important to suspend real-time monitoring of anti-virus software. Otherwise, it may be blocked and cannot be successfully cleared. For example, if your Norton has discovered this trojan, pause Norton's real-time monitoring or real-time scanning;
Download the ferer Trojan force cleanup assistant;
Release to a directory, and then execute powerrmv.exe to start "fair Trojan force cleanup assistant ". Enter the trojan file name to be cleared in "file name. For example, if the file name you remember in step 1 is C:/Windows/Hello. dll, enter it;
Press "clear ". At this time, the program will ask if you want to report the virus to the Phil security lab. We suggest you click "yes" to agree. Then the program will continue to prompt whether you are sure to clear it, and still select "yes ";
If the trojan is successfully cleared, a message indicating that the trojan is successfully cleared is displayed. Alternatively, you may be prompted that the trojan cannot be deleted immediately and the computer needs to be restarted. In either case, click "OK". If you agree to report this trojan, the program will automatically create and open a "virus Report" email, the sample file containing this trojan will be sent directly to the if you see this email. If you do not see this email, you can ignore it.
Finally, if the program prompts you to restart your computer before clearing the trojan, Please restart your computer. After the computer restarts, the trojan will be cleared.
Important: if you follow the above method and find that the trojan appears again soon and the file name is the same, you can use the above method to re-execute it, however, please select the "suppress file generation again" option in the program during this operation, so that after clearing it, it is generally difficult for Trojans to be revived. This function is provided in the latest version of "fairtrojan force cleanup assistant". If you do not have this option, please download it again from the above address.
The "fair Trojan force cleanup assistant" has a strong ability to delete files, and the deleted files cannot be restored. Therefore, before clearing the files, make sure that the file name is not entered incorrectly.
If the trojan cannot be successfully cleared after you perform the preceding operations, another primary Trojan may exist in your computer, after it is cleared, it is automatically restored from another place. In this case, you need to use anti-virus software to scan all these Trojans and then clear them one by one or at the same time.

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