Manually create an Oracle 10 Gb database on Linux

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After installing the OOracle software on the Linux platform, you do not need to use dbca to create a database, but manually create a database. The main purpose is to understand the operations performed during database creation. 1. First set the SID of the ORACLE to be created. If this variable is set in the. bash_profile file, you do not need to set it.
$ Echo $ cancel_sid
If you do not set it, set it manually. If you want to run multiple ORACLE instances on one server, you also need to set it manually.
Export ORACLE_SID = mydb2. create the required diagnostic directories, which are required by the ORACLE process in case of errors or manual tracing.
Mkdir-p $ ORACLE_BASE/admin/mydb/adump
Mkdir-p $ ORACLE_BASE/admin/mydb/bdump
Mkdir-p $ ORACLE_BASE/admin/mydb/cdump
Mkdir-p $ ORACLE_BASE/admin/mydb/udump
Mkdir-p $ ORACLE_BASE/admin/mydb/pfile
Create an oracle data file directory
Mkdir-p $ ORACLE_BASE/oradata/mydb3. create an ORACLE parameter file $ ORACLE_HOME/dbs/initmydb. ora with the following content: aq_tm_processes = 0
Audit_file_dest =/oracle/admin/mydb/adump
Background_dump_dest =/oracle/admin/mydb/bdump
Compatible =
Control_files =/oracle/oradata/mydb/control01.ctl,/oracle/oradata/mydb/control02.ctl,/oracle/oradata/mydb/control03.ctl
Core_dump_dest =/oracle/admin/mydb/cdump
DB _ block_size = 8192
Db_domain = ""
Db_file_multiblock_read_count = 16
Db_name = mydb
Instance_name = mydb
Dispatchers = "(PROTOCOL = TCP) (SERVICE = mydbXDB )"
Job_queue_processes = 10
Nls_length_semantics = BYTE
Open_cursors = 300
Pga_aggregate_target = 94371840
Processes = 150
Remote_login_passwordfile = EXCLUSIVE
Resource_manager_plan = ""
Sessions = 170
Sga_target = 285212672
Undo_management = AUTO
Undo_retention = 900
Undo_tablespace = UNDOTBS1
User_dump_dest =/oracle/admin/mydb/udump4. create a password file
Orapwd file = $ ORACLE_HOME/dbs/orapwmydb password = admin entries = 5 force = y5. create the oracle database creation script createdb. SQL. The content is as follows:
Create database mydb
'/Oracle/oradata/mydb/system01.dbf' size 100 m reuse autoextend on next 1 m maxsize unlimited extent management local
Sysaux datafile
'/Oracle/oradata/mydb/sysaux01.dbf' size 100 m reuse autoextend on next 1 m maxsize unlimited
Default temporary tablespace TEMP tempfile
'/Oracle/oradata/mydb/temp01.dbf' size 20 m reuse autoextend on next 640 k maxsize unlimited
Undo tablespace UNDOTBS1 datafile
'/Oracle/oradata/mydb/undo01.dbf' size 20 m reuse autoextend on next 5 M maxsize unlimited
GROUP 1 ('/oracle/oradata/mydb/redo1.dbf') size 10 m,
GROUP 2 ('/oracle/oradata/mydb/redo2.dbf') size 10 m,
GROUP 3 ('/oracle/oradata/mydb/redo3.dbf') size 10 m
Character set ZHS16GBK
National character set AL16UTF16
6. After the database is created, create an ORACLE data dictionary.
SQL> @? /Rdbms/admin/catalog. SQL
SQL> @? /Rdbms/admin/catproc. SQL
SQL> @? /Rdbms/admin/catexp. SQL: the manual creation process of ORACLE is complete.

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