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Getting started with mappoint Web Service version 3.5 By Laura Flanders, Microsoft Corporation Translated by Min Yong
Mappoint is a business of Microsoft that provides XML-based Web Services. Developers can integrate their location-based services (such as map, driving guide, and approximate search) into their own applications and business processes. When you use the map or navigation service on any website of Microsoft or Microsoft partners, the mappoint Web Service is used behind the scenes to provide users with the required information. Microsoft's mappoint Web Service version 3.5 is the latest version of the mappoint web service. New mappoint web service users can develop applications based on this platform Program . Users of earlier versions of the mappoint web service can automatically upgrade their location-based service programs to version 3.5 of the mappoint web service. They are fully compatible with previous versions and use many new features. Implementing the mappoint web service in an enterprise requires a lot of work, including a developing application, preparing customized data and icons, and tracking your application needs, constantly formed data management. Most of the work, such as developing applications and preparing to customize your data, can be done together. This article Article Provides an overview of the necessary work to start the wappoint web service. Develop your Mappoint Web Service Application If this is the first time you create a new user of the mappoint web service application, before you or your development team establishes an application, you must decide what applications your users will be able to process. Do you want to mark your location on the map you provided? Provide route guide? Allow your users to find nearby locations? If you already have a mappoint web service application, you can view the features and increase of mappoint Web Service 3.5 to see which ones are useful to your existing applications. Mappoint Web Service APIs are composed of four services
    • Common serviceEffective classes, methods, and features for other services
    • Find ServiceThe function provided is to find the address and interest hotspot. The obtained location information includes the accurate latitude and longitude coordinates. You can find a service near a specific point or along a route. If you are a developer familiar with the mappoint web service, you may be interested in two new search methods,FindbyidAndFindbyproperty. This allows you to find the location through the Object ID or property. In addition, in version 3.5, it also includesFindnearrouteIn the search, your location is included in a specified distance.
    • Render serviceThe function provided is to feedback the map information, including your route and location. You can set the map size and view, and you can control and add tags on the map. If you use a customer service website to upload custom images, they can be displayed on the map. The new version of this release can provide feedback on the map that can be used on small screen devices.PhoneAndPhonebwMap style.
    • Route ServiceThe function is to provide driving guides and routes, set waypoints, and generate map reference suggestions for routes.
In addition, mappoint Web Service 3.5 includes a new API, a custom data service (customer data service) is a web service of the customer service site (CSS) that uses the mappoint Web Service, through the soap API, you can upload your own location data to the service table of the mappoint web service. The SDK contains an example of uploading data from a client. It shows how to use the client data service to process and use the file command line to execute a batch of files and upload them to your custom data list. If your development program is based on Microsoft.. NET Framework. You can download the corresponding version of The mappoint Web Service SDK and embed it into your Microsoft Visual Studio.. NET Help documentation (your Visual Studio. net and. net Framework Version 1.1 must be installed ). Developers are not required to develop applications based on the. NET Framework. Why? Because the mappoint Web Service is based on soap, you can develop your application using any soap-compliant language, for example, java1.4 using axis library. This SDK is not used in HTML format for Visual Studio. NET developers. For more information about mappoint Web Service APIs, developers can access mappoint web service software development kit (SDK). Version 3.5 mappoint Web Services provide two uniform but independent environments. You can use the staging environment to develop and test your applications. When your application is ready to be released to the user, you can move it to the production environment. Test your application in the workbench environment by accessing the staging mappoint Web Service Definition Language (WSDL) file. For staging, there are standard (HTTP) URLs and an encrypted (https) URLs.
    • Standard WSDL:
    • Encrypted WSDL:
When mappoint Web Service 3.0 is used, the URL of WSDL is now the same as that of mappoint Web Service 3.5. To use the new API features, refresh your WSDL file in your development environment, for the new Customer Data Service API is to access your CSS certificate, not your web service book, the URL of the WSDL is below:

For more information about testing, see the title of the CSS moderator "about testing your application".

If you are a new user, when your application is being developed, make sure that the customer service site (CSS) is provided to your certificate in the welcome email message you receive, on your homepage, click Verify credentials. The following description is displayed on the verify credentials page, because mappoint Web Service 3.5 is a backward compatible version, existing users can continue to use their mappoint Web Service 3.0 certificate. Note Evaluation account customers cannot access the mappoint web service production environment. if you try to access mappoint web service using the production Web Services Description Language (WSDL) file, your application will fail with a 401 error, even if your credentials are valid on the verify credentials page.

to be continue ......
started with mappoint Web Service version 3.5

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