March global ". url" total number of domain names: Global mutual easy 2 ranking

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IDC Commentary Network ( March 23 Report: According to the latest data released by, in the. URL (xn--ses554g) domain name registration market, the Zdns a single large, registered up to 340,860, occupies 99.54% Market share, the supremacy of no one can. IP Mirror Pte Ltd dba IP Mirror ranks in Asia, with a registered capacity of 1,144, far behind Zdns. Below, the IDC commentary network will analyze the detailed data.

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(figure) Domain Name service providers at home and abroad. Website (xn--ses554g) domain name registration totals list

Observation, as at 17 o'clock March 22, 2016, in the global. Web site (xn--ses554g) domain name registration total 8 The top ranking, China occupies 5 seats. Among them, Zdns to 340,860 registered high ranked top, the market share reached 99.54%, far ahead of many domain names,. The website (xn--ses554g) registration scenario is spectacular.

By contrast, the other 4 Chinese domain names are very inconspicuous. Even the most registered of the nano-net technology, there are only 243. URL (xn--ses554g) domain name, the market share is only 0.07%. But it ranked 3rd on the top of the list.

The remaining 3 Chinese domain names, the. URL (xn--ses554g) domain name registrations are 2-digit numbers. Among them, Guangdong Huyi Internet & IP Services and Hu Yi Global information Hong Kong Limited belong to the global reciprocity, respectively, its Guangdong, Hong Kong Branch, the number of registrations is 55, 15 , 5, 7 on the list. In addition, the new network interconnection. Website (xn--ses554g) domain name registration amount is 39, ranked 6th.

Continue to observe the list of foreign domain name quotient. website (xn--ses554g) domain name registration. The best performance is the IP Mirror Pte Ltd dba IP Mirror, with a register volume of 1,144 to occupy the runner-up position, the market share reached 0.33%.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that in December 2014, the network officially became the ". Web site" Top-level domain registration authority, until March 22, 2016 17 o'clock, ". url" domain name registration total reached 342,470.

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March global ". url" total number of domain names: Global mutual easy 2 ranking

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