MariaDB Galera cluster installation

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Galera Cluster:

    • true multi-master architecture, any node can read and write , synchronous replication, no delay between the nodes and the node downtime will not result in data loss.

Environment: CentOS 7

The mating process:
1. Turn off the firewall, disable booting, and disable SELinux (three nodes are executed)
[Email protected] ~]# systemctl stop Firewalld.service #停止firewall
[Email protected] ~]# systemctl disable Firewalld.service #禁止firewall开机启动
[Email protected] ~]# Setenforce 0
[Email protected] ~]# Vi/etc/selinux/config
Change Selinux=enforcing to Selinux=disabled

2. Configure the Mariadb,yum source (three nodes are executed)
[Email protected] ~]# Vi/etc/yum.repos.d/mariadb.repo
Name = MariaDB

3.yum installation Mariadb-galera-server (three nodes are executed)
[email protected] ~]# Yum install Mariadb-galera-server

4. Configuring Galera-server (node One execution)
[Email protected] ~]# VI/ETC/MY.CNF.D/SERVER.CNF
# Mandatory Settings
Wsrep_cluster_address= "gcomm://,,"
Wsrep_cluster_name= ' Mycluster '
# Optional Setting
#wsrep_slave_threads =1
#innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit =0

5. Copy the configuration file to Node02, NODE03 (node one execution)
[Email protected] ~]# scp/etc/my.cnf.d/server.cnf node02:/etc/my.cnf.d/
[Email protected] ~]# scp/etc/my.cnf.d/server.cnf node03:/etc/my.cnf.d/

6. Initialize Glaera Cluster (node one execution)
[Email protected] ~]#/etc/rc.d/init.d/mysql start--wsrep-new-cluster
Starting MySQL success!

7. Start node two, node three
[[Email protected] ~]# service MySQL restart
Shutting down MySQL. success!
Starting MySQL ... SST in progress, setting sleep higher. success!

[[Email protected] ~]# service MySQL restart
Shutting down MySQL. success!
Starting MySQL. SST in progress, setting sleep higher. success!

8. View Port Monitoring Status
[Email protected] ~]# Netstat-plantu | grep mysqld
TCP 0 0* LISTEN 2509/mysqld
TCP 0 0* LISTEN 2509/mysqld
TCP 0 0 established 2509/mysqld
TCP 0 0 established 2509/mysqld

MariaDB Galera cluster installation

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