Marza Gift for GDC 2016

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This post is still written in Chinese, mainly for the domestic.

It's a trend to make cheap 3D animations based on the increasingly sophisticated game engines and editors of UE and unity. There are "ultra-black college" as the representative of the country, there are many other countries diffuse, barely capable to look at. "Bear infestation" This can forget, it is dirty my eyes.

Today went to Marza visit, looked at their GDC 2016 samples, to tell the truth feel very good, if the real-time rendering of the animation to this extent, it can be fair to say in the cost control or can be very advantageous. A lot of material are alembic cache, plus some post-add effects, the main frame rendering is unity, technically I still feel commendable, at least the process is finished. Domestic animation manufacturers can learn from reference.


Marza Gift for GDC 2016

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