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Yesterday nothing, try to put your beloved 2G ultra disk mass production, plan to make a CD-ROM and a normal U disk.

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The procedure is as follows:
1. Analyze the USB flash disk chip. Chipgenius is a USB device chip detection tool, you can automatically query the model, manufacturer, brand, and relevant information of the master chip of USB flash drives, MP3/MP4, card readers, and mobile hard drives. Of course, you can also query the vid/PID information, device name, interface speed, serial number, and device version of the USB device. The analysis chip is a group-connected up8 ~ Up10 (up10 is ps00006) No amount of pre-production testing is up10, the amount of post-production is ps00006)

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2. Download the production tool. Of course, you need to apply your own chips. You can query and download the chip mass production tool v1.89.00 for up12 to support up10.
The downloaded file contains four files. F1 is the tool that I can use. F2 is the DIY tool of the manufacturer.
Open f1_90_v189.exe and click "get information.

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Open the paramedt-f1-v1.0.14.3.exe program.

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Select the F1-1 tab.
Start filling in customer information. Generally, select load default, but the vid PID must use 0x ???? For example, if my USB flash drive VID is 13fe, fill in 0x13fe, PID, and 0x1f00 (Note: The X symbol uses the English letter X, No problem ). Manufacturer: enter your U disk vendor. I copied it from chipgenius. Enter apacer and write USB flash drive. Select "Auto Detect ". This is because you manually enter the correct information. The following pattern, select 21 (meaning: Make the U disk into a CD-ROM and a removable disk ).
* Note: in fact, the mode field is required.

Customer Information: It is recommended that you fill in the information so that the data can be read later. Note that PID and vid must follow 0x ???? Format. Otherwise, it is discarded.
Revision: pmap (automatically filled in if the software recognizes it)
Configuration: we strongly recommend that you select "Auto Detect ". You cannot manually enter the correct capacity because the capacity you see may not be the actual capacity.
Volume label: Optional. Tip: a private area is a hidden area, not a hidden area,
Serial number: Do not enter. If the format is incorrect, you may need to complete the format before using the USB flash drive.
Preformat: do not select. Unless you suspect that your USB flash drive has a bad zone or the previous production failed. If you do not select this option, it will be formatted. Select low-level formatting similar to hard disk. After this option is selected, a manual USB flash drive plugging operation will appear in subsequent operations.
Hidden size: hide some disk capacity. The hidden size is the number you entered. Note that hiding is not partition hiding, but actually disabled. This part of capacity will not appear unless you re-execute the mass production operation.

Mode definition: Focus
3. Make a USB flash drive into a removable disk. If you want to restore the USB flash drive to the purchased status, use this mode (commonly used for restoring the USB flash drive)
4. Make the USB flash drive a private (hidden) Mobile Disk and a floppy disk. You need to specify the floppy disk image file in the tag F1-2.
7. Create a USB flash drive as a Private Mobile Disk and a public removable disk. Private removable disks can be encrypted, and private disks are hidden after encryption.
8. Make a USB flash drive into a removable disk, which can be hidden and open.
14. Make a USB flash disk into a CD or hard disk (note that it is a hard disk rather than a removable disk) and a removable disk.
21 The U disk into a CD-ROM and a removable disk. You need to specify the disc image file in the tag F1-2.

I chose the 21 mode.
In the preceding mode, do not just perform partition operations. You must refresh the firmware. For example, the CD-ROM, to write the disc device information in the U disk firmware, so that the operating system will install the disc driver.
Partition capacity:
This project appears in some modes. You can specify the partition capacity. We recommend that you use the default "Max ".
After all the content you want to fill in, save it and specify a file name, which must be in the current directory.

3. After filling in the F1-1, fill in the cd iso you need to introduce in the F1-2, as long as it is standard and can be started *. ISO or *. the bin format is the same as that when CDROM is used, and the USB flash disk can be started after the volume is released. ISO can be used as a DVD or CD image. Supplement: it is best to put PE because the ghost disk cannot be installed automatically.
After filling in all the entered content, save (or save it as) and specify a file name (for example, 001.ini ). However, the Delimiter is in the same folder as f1_90_v181.exe.
After setting your CD image, save the settings. Close ParamEdt-F1-v1.0.10.2

4. Insert a USB flash drive. Open the f1_90_v181.exe file.
Click to obtain information. Check whether your USB flash drive information can be obtained on the left. If it cannot be obtained, it is because your flash drive cannot be produced. This is why we recommend you use an apacer smile disk. Then select the configuration file. The configuration file you just wrote. Click the drop-down menu under the three buttons "get information from the start result". The drop-down menu contains the configuration file you just wrote and saved, and the lock is checked.
Fifth, everything has been set. The USB flash drive has been inserted. Click Start. At this time, the first square of the 16 rectangular boxes below will become yellow. After a while, I will prompt you to plug and unplug the USB flash drive once. (My prompt is not displayed. Check the situation ), then it takes about several minutes to write your ISO to the USB flash drive. The flash drive remains flashing. The duration depends on the selected ISO file size and USB flash drive speed. After normal production, the yellow color turns green. In the "test report" column, "Bad: 0, good: 1" is displayed. "Good" indicates that the production is successful. In this case, you can close f000090_v181.exe and unplug the USB flash drive directly. Don't worry about flashing the USB flash drive. It's okay. Now, the mass production process is complete. When the USB flash drive is inserted again, a USB flash drive and a new USB flash drive are automatically identified.

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After the test is successful, press F11 on the machine and select boot, USB cd-rom. After the test is successful, the installation will be completed without a CD,

Finally, for recovery after failure, you only need to re-create the product. Select 3 as the mode and select format "preformat ".



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