Master Lu detected a hard drive.

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Master LU can fully detect the various parameters of our computer, and then synthesize the corresponding scores, in the analysis of computer problems, and to solve, but many of the small partners do not know how this function should play, The following small series on the master v5.12 to detect the hard disk problem as an example for you to introduce, I hope to be able to help everyone.

Master Lu detected a problem with the hard drive solution:

1. First we open My Computer, right-click "Properties" to select the "Tools" option and start checking.

2. Remove the "Automatic Fix file system error" and "scan and attempt to recover bad sector" two.

3. Under normal circumstances, the computer's position in the lower right corner will appear a prompt box, we choose "yes", this is because in general circumstances, may ignore the running files.

4. In this way, the next time you enter the system, the disk Checker is performed and 9 seconds to cancel the program. Here to hint, many times, due to the abnormal shutdown and so will appear this similar to the blue screen of the disk check, it is necessary to let it check out.

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