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Today, I talked to a few friends about the master's category. I didn't understand it at the time, so I came back to search for it: the summary is as follows:

The master's degree can be divided into two categories: Academic Master's degree and professional master's degree.

Next, let's look at our professional masters. Professional masters can be divided into two forms: Full-time masters and full-time masters. A full-time master's degree has 38 majors, and a part-time 2010 has 14 majors. The situation may change every year.

Comparison of full-time masters and non-full-time masters

Full name

Non-full-time master's degree

Full-time Master's Degree

Enrollment Plan attribution

State Council Information Office

Ministry of Education

Enrollment targets

For in-service staff with a certain working life and experience

For fresh graduates

Candidate Source

Exam 1 volunteer candidates (GCT)

Test and adjust candidates

Recruitment time

Register for the exam in July each year

Register for the exam in July each year

Admission principles

Self-defined enrollment schools

Unified National Score Line

Teaching Methods

Teaching on weekends and holidays

Full-time teaching

Teaching Scope

Teaching by subject and Field

Teaching by subject

Location type

Engineering master certificate

Professional Master's Degree certificate, graduation certificate

Training focus

Academic practice

Academic Theory and Practice

Process Management

Manage separately

Unified School Management

Degree status

Low social recognition

Future Development Direction

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