Master of Achievement

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1. Do not see someone else's reply the first sentence said: Give a code! You should think about why. When you think about it and refer to other people's tips, you know the difference between your ideas and others.
2. Do not petty, buy a book dozens of pieces are reluctant to, you also learn a p. In order to save money on e-books, wasting time is definitely more than the value of books. Of course, if you check the information, you can only read PDF.
3. When learning new development software, be sure to read the Help manual. The book bought is not comprehensive enough. Just touch a software, what do not understand, blindly ask the East, let people look very naïve.
4. Do not dragonfly water, muddle through, the nuances often reflect the strength.
5. It is better to keep the outdated technology in mind than to put it on the lips of fashionable technology.
6. Read the book, please read it carefully, please look at the book that you don't understand. Don't expect to see what you can remember and master in the first book-see the second and third times.
7. Multi-practice, to solder the board, debugging, to write to tune, only with software simulation, is never a master.
8. Save all the source programs, PCBs, schematics, etc. you have done----that's one of your best builds.
9. For the network, or hope that we can use more, a lot of questions are not to go to the forum to ask, first of all you have to learn to find the answer, such as Google, Baidu is a good search engine, you just enter the key word can find a lot of relevant information, do not always wait for others to give you hope, see out of you
10 to a forum, you learn to see the previous post, do not look at nothing to send a post to ask, perhaps your question has been asked, you ask, others have no longer want to repeat, as a beginner, who do not want their posts no one back.
11, although not to combat beginners, but this sentence is still to say: Forum forum, is the place for everyone to discuss, if you always expect to have a master of the total free guidance to you, unless he is your relatives!! The discussion, at least the level is comparable to the discussion of the argument, if the level is too far away, even basic operations need someone to answer, who also discuss with you.

What kind of person is impetuous person?

Impetuous people easy to ask: what should I learn in the end,----a solid learning point basic?  Single-chip microcomputer do not know what is to learn arm? C language doesn't want to do Linux? Don't always try to be too ambitious.
Impetuous people easy to ask: who has xxx source code? How much money do you give to others? Your own labor white to send you? )
Impetuous people easy to say: Kneel for xxx---(even if the network also points to dignity it?) )
Impetuous people easy to say: emergency---(in fact, just a simple course design)
Impetuous people easy to say: There is no xxx Chinese information? ---A word: lazy. Don't say anything else. No, e-text? Who didn't learn it from ABC?
Impetuous people easy to say: "Ask xxx, my email is <a href=" Mailto:[email protected] ">[email protected]</a> and then disappear----you think you are the big Uncle Ah, people invite you to eat , do you want to feed it to your mouth?
Impetuous people easy to ask: Do single-chip computer rich way----just for money, do not make the technology, you go to Rob Bank good.
Impetuous person easy to say: Where have XXX chip data? (In fact, most of the information on the network, but come to ask someone, lazy!) )

Impetuous people are divided into two kinds: only to wait and see but not to learn, only to learn and not adhere to the people;
Impetuous person is never a master.

Master of Achievement

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