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Translate the PowerPoint to Flash software into a Flash SWF format file. This not only makes the file easy to play, but also more suitable for online publishing, kill birds with the same.

 One, ready to convert ppt (PPS) slide file

Click "Start program PowerPoint to Flash" and go to the PowerPoint to Flash run main interface. Click the "Add" button under the File Column tab in the main interface of PowerPoint to Flash, and select the slide file (ppt or PPS file) that is ready to be made in the Browse box that appears. When you click the Open command button, the appropriate document appears in the list box under the file list of the software. If you find that you need to modify it, you can also select it, and then click the Clear button to delete it (Figure 1).

Second, adjust the output file screen size and quality

In order to make the final output of the SWF file to achieve the best playback effect, you need to set the size and quality of the output screen. Method: Click the Options button on the left to eject the Options Settings dialog box (Figure 2). Set the general, playback quality, navigation, and output settings in turn. Select the Playback quality option to adjust the sliders under Screen size and JPEG quality, while also paying attention to high resolution and high picture images that can increase volume.

 Third, add navigation bar and adjust playback speed

For demonstration purposes, you need to add a play navigation bar to the generated SWF file. Method: Click the Options button on the left to eject the Options Settings dialog box. Select the navigation option to select the Show navigation panel item in the following navigation Panel column. To make the generated file play automatically, you need to set it up. Under the AutoPlay column, select Flash load directly into autoplay mode. Under the AutoPlay interval option, select the Get interval information from the original slide item. If you want to control the slide playback interval, select the next option, "Use a fixed autoplay interval," and fill in the appropriate interval in the following space (Figure 3).

Tip: You don't need to set these options if you click Page by hand.

Iv. make the "Output" option set

Method Ibid., in the Options Property Settings dialog box, click the last Output option. To ensure the integrity of the entire output file, first remove the tick before "output per slide as a separate SWF file" under the "Split presentation file" item. In addition, if you want to generate the SWF file to be generated together with the HTML file for publishing, select the Generate HTML publishing file item under the Publish item (Figure 4).

This will be completed, the main steps to complete the operation. So let's export our work. Click the browse button in the lower-right corner of the PowerPoint to Flash program's main interface to select the appropriate save directory, and then click the Start command button on the main interface of the program to convert the file format.

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