Master the essentials of website design at and the essentials of website design

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Master the essentials of website design at and the essentials of website design

Master the essentials of website design

First, you must solve the website content problem, that is, determine the website subject.

Method 2: select a domain name as the name of the website on the Internet. All the construction value of a non-product-sold pure information service website depends on its website domain name. If you lose this domain name, you will lose all the preliminary work. A good and suitable domain name is also very beneficial to the website's later optimization work.

Essentials 3: Mastering the development of the network technology for network building tools drives the development of the software industry. Therefore, tools and software used to create web pages are becoming richer and richer. From the most basic HTML editor to the popular Flash interactive webpage creation tools, various Web page creation tools, such as Microsoft Frontpage and Macromedia, must be familiar with them.

Essentials 4: Determine the website interface

① Column and section orchestration

② Directory structure and Link Structure

③ Perform image design

Essentials 5: determining the website style is abstract, which refers to the overall image of the site to the viewers. This "overall image" includes many factors such as the site's CI (logo, color, Font, and slogan), layout, browsing method, interaction, text, tone, content value, and so on, websites can be approachable, lively, professional, and serious. Whether it's color, technology, text, layout, or interaction, as long as you can clearly tell the viewer that this is unique to your website, this forms the "style" of the website ".

Essentials 6: If you have a good choice of creative content, you need a good idea. As a web design maker, the most worrying thing is that there is no good creative content. The most creative idea on the network is the combination of virtual reality. The purpose of creativity is to better promote and promote websites.

Essentials 7: marketing and promotion of your website also plays an important role in the operation of your personal website. Before promoting your personal website, make sure that you have prepared the following content: the website information is rich, accurate, and timely. The website technology has a certain professional level, and the website interaction is good.

Application of several promotion methods:

(1) Search Engine registration and search directory login skills

(2) AD exchange skills

(3) Target email promotion

Essentials 8: support the daily operation of websites when a personal website reaches a certain level, it is necessary to make money on the agenda. Generally, there are two channels for obtaining funds for a personal website:

(1) advertising spaces for sales websites

(2) Cooperation with large websites.

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