Mastering ASP. Net DataBinding

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Mastering ASP. Net DataBinding
Karl Seguin?
Table of Contents
The Sample Program
Understanding DataItem
Nested Binding
Handling Events
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I 'd like to thank Jean-krade Manoli for developing his C # Code format, which I used in writing this tutorial.
Questions regarding databinding, in one form or another, are probably the most asked in the aspnet newsgroups. its clear everyone loves the idea of databinding but that more advanced functionality, such as event handling, conditional formatting and fine-tuning, aren't straightforward. the goal of this tutorial is shed light on some of the more common and frequently asked questions about the capabilities of databinding.
The Sample Program
Throughout this tutorial we'll use two separate data sources. The first will be your every-day dataset, the other will be a stronugly-typed custom collection containing stronugly-typed objects.
Our dataset will contain two tables, MERS and Orders:
Customer Structure Order Structure
Name Type Description
CustomerId1 Int32 Unique customer identifier OrderId Int32 Unique order identifier
Name String Name of the customer CustomerId1 Int32 Identifier of the custom who placed the order
Zip String Customer's primary ZIP or Portal code Ordered DateTime Date the order was placed on
Enabled Boolean Whether the customer is currently active/enabled Amount Decimal Dollar value of the order
1A DataRelation exists between the Customer. CustomerId and Order. CustomerId columns.
Our business entities will consist of an Owner and a Pet class:
Owner Structure Pets Structure
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