Match similar vehicles according to algorithm rules

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Recognition of license plate error less than 2 digits display entry information higher than 2 digits not displayed
The recognition rule is 1 digits according to the province error and the following digit letter error is 1 bits.
A matching license plate entry can be displayed as long as the combined error rate is <= 2.
That is, the province error is 1 bit + any subsequent 1-bit errors will display matching similar information

For example: Yu a BCDE9 yu a BCDE8 yue a BCDE9 yue B BCDE9 New Energy A truth

 //Get related vehicle information Public StaticList<currentparking> Getcurrentparkingbycode (stringStrplatecode) {List<CurrentParking> inparksimilarlist =NewList<currentparking>(); using(Parkingcontext db=NewParkingcontext ()) {                                               stringSqlstr ="SELECT * from inparking where type=0 and (Plateno!=null OR plateno!= ") Order BY inrecordid Desc"; Objectresult<CurrentParking> Objresult = db. Executestorequery<currentparking>(SQLSTR); if(Objresult! =NULL)                {                    varParklist =Objresult.                    ToList (); //                    //traverse the data loop to take the license plate information to pass the license plate information cycle ratio                     for(inti =0; I < Parklist. Count; i++)                    {                        stringPlateno =Parklist[i].                        Platecode; //The error rate is <= 2 is less than or equal to 2 bits to display the matching license plate entry record                        if(Similarplateno (Plateno, Strplatecode) <=2)                        {                            //values that meet the criteria are saved to the list collectionInparksimilarlist.add (Parklist[i]); }                    }                }            }            returninparksimilarlist; }
        /// <summary>        ///The similarity ratio is based on the acquired license plate number and the online license plate number passed/// </summary>        /// <param name= "" ></param>        /// <param name= "" ></param>        /// <returns></returns>         Public Static intSimilarplateno (stringPlateno,stringStrplatecode) {            intNret =0;  Do {                if(Plateno = =NULL|| Strplatecode = =NULL)                {                     Break; }                if(Plateno. Length! =Strplatecode. Length) { Break; }                 for(inti =0; i < plateno.length; i++)                {                    //Str[i] Indicates whether the characters in the string are similar//The number of similar lengths is calculated by using the Loop-out license plate length and the string passing over the license plate.                    if(Plateno[i] = =Strplatecode[i]) {Nret++; }                }              }             while(false); //circulation of license plate length-Similar length = Error recognition degree            returnPlateno.length-Nret; }

Match similar vehicles according to algorithm rules

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