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This year is not a good year to grow. Just a few basic ways to learn.

 This article marks
0] x:p x type is P
1] F (x) denotes a function
2] (n_1,n_2,...) Represents a multivariate group, in particular, (n) represents a unary group
3] x denotes an algebraic symbol/unknown number/variable, i.e. X:UNM
4] {...} Represents a collection (usually unordered)
-{expr|x in Set} represents a collection of expr executed on each element of the set, i.e.
set2<-{expr|x in Set} at this time, expr is one of the set's mappings of elements x to Set2 in set, recorded as
Expr:mapper ((Set,x,set2))
-Specifically, the set of symbols is recorded as UNM (Universal names), and the collection of all collections is credited as ALS (all sets)
1[e] The type of function:
-F (x: (set:als)):(set2:als) (for f:fun< (x: (set:als)):(set2:als) > abbreviated)
abbr. f (x): Set->set2
-a type of function constituent set {(F:UNM):(set:als) (set2:als)}
-Example: Mapper ({(SET:ALS,SY:UNM,SET2:UNM)}): {(F:UNM):(Sy:set) (Py:set2)}
5] [...] Represents a vector/matrix (depending on context)
6] Representation of certain sets
- R/rr real number set
- Q/qq Rational Number set
- Z/zz Integer Collection
- C/cc Complex set
-Generalized, multivariate set of numbers will be credited as <bS_1,bS_2...>
i.e. C=<R,r>
A two-dollar integer will be credited as Cc^z=<zz,zz>
-n-th polynomial set is credited as Poly<n:zz>
-The polynomial is denoted by a symbol of a function set (X:UNM) (poly<n:zz>)
7] The expression of the limit
-lim{x->n} (expr)
-LIM{X:UNM->N:RR} (p:poly<d:zz>) =p (x)
8] = and <- and
- = denotes meaning equal or strictly equal
- <- expression Assignment
- --is a token of the function return value
* denoted as meaning equals
9] Operator
+-*/^ and other common
10] Abuse of parentheses
No offense .
1. Extreme Thinking

We have a function f (x): Rr->rr.

function, people who have probably learned to program are recognized. But the computer's function and the mathematics ratio, has the extension aspect, also has the inferior aspect.

A single-variable function can be seen as a mapping of a collection to another collection. Similarly, there is no difference in multivariable functions because we can classify it as a multivariate group.

In most cases, the value off (x) is computable. Indeed, when F (X:RR): X (poly<n:zz>) , it is computable. But back to this equation, the typical "error" Equation:


Its value cannot be calculated. We simply refer to this value as NaN or ccinf. or throw an error directly.

NaN is a very special value. Nan{operator} (p:als) =nan. You might say this is infinite oo. Actually, it's not. Oo is a number-shaped notation of a process. oo does not equal any number.

So let's look at these two functions f (x) =e^x and g (x) =sin (x) x/X.

f (x) =e^x ($f (x) =e^x$) is a common example that can be evaluated at any point in the scope of a function. g (x) =sin (x)/ X ($g (x) =\frac{\sin{x}}{x}$) seems to be everywhere, but meaningless in x=0 .

Math review = =

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