Mature people don't ask the past, smart people don't ask the present, and open-minded people don't ask the future ~!

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Time: 2010-08-06


Mature people don't ask the past, smart people don't ask the present, and open-minded people don't ask the future ~!


A person does not love you as much as you think, it does not mean that the person does not love you wholeheartedly!

People often suffer permanent harm due to persistence that cannot be put together! If we can start from ourselves and start to look at others with tolerance, I believe you will receive many unexpected results! Open a window for others, that is, let yourself see a more complete sky!


Originally, happiness cannot be disguised. Originally, stories cannot be repeated. Originally, tears cannot be forgiven. Originally, memories cannot disappear. Originally, care cannot be stopped. Originally, dreams cannot be authentic, originally, the ending cannot be earlier. Originally, time cannot be reversed. Originally, happiness cannot be promised!


Like a person is a kind of feeling. It is true that you do not like a person. The facts are easy to explain, but it is hard to say!


Meeting the right person at the right time is a kind of happiness! A person who encounters a mistake at the right time is sad! When I met the right person at the wrong time, I sighed! The person who encounters the error at the wrong time is helpless!


Some things can be forgotten, some things can be remembered, some things can be willingly, and some things can never be done!

Because of love, it will not become an enemy; because it hurts, it will not be friends; it can only be the most familiar stranger!


Some fate is doomed to be lost, and some fate will never have good results. If you love someone, you don't have to have it, but if you have one, you must love him!

To have hope, every deep well is not a perfect place. Always in the deepest despair, meet the most beautiful surprise!


No matter how old you are, no matter how busy your family and friends are, do not treat marriage as they are. Marriage is not a card game, and shuffling is costly.


What is charm? The charm is not beautiful. A beautiful woman may not be attractive. The elegant and elegant Female talents will be pleasing to you. So you don't have to worry about being pretty good.

Some people say that once a man changes his mind, the nine cows won't be pulled back. It's hard for a woman to change his mind. Will the nine cows be pulled back? Men and women are only physically different, with similar psychological differences.


Mature people don't ask the past, smart people don't ask the present, and open-minded people don't ask the future ~!




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