MAVEN development under Tomcat Deployment War package, there is no error but can not access the site any resources and interfaces.

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Just keep loading this, without any reaction, the console also does not report any errors. Troubled for a long time, Baidu no fruit. You can only take a step at a time to find the root of the problem.

First, you will be able to access the site after you remove the SPRINGMVC front-end controller configuration. But not configuring the front-end controller means that no request can be entered.

Helpless can only open SPRINGMVC configuration file to see, in the end what is wrong.

The start is to configure the scan package as an annotation to declare the object, trying to declare the object with the <bean> tag in the XML configuration file. Shocked.... That's how it's miraculously done.

However, after accessing the interface and the service layer object appears null pointer exception, toss for a long time. It was not until last night that the quake ran down the 17 floor that it had not solved the problem. But it is the root of the problem, and the use of Dubbo has arisen. The final problem is that the Linux virtual machine firewall is not turned off and the port is inaccessible. Everything is fine when it's turned off.

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