Maven War packages are interdependent

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We maven project each war package is a line, using Ueditor, and each line to refer to ueditor related js, CSS, and some other image ... Part. In order to take out these repetitive things, I made a war bag and put these things in.

The class file is still in the jar package, and the resource file is placed in the war package for dependency.

Build dependencies for projects:

Key points:

UeditorDemo.pom.xml file inside

<dependency><groupid>com.alexgaoyh</groupid><artifactid>mutimodule-ueditorclass</ Artifactid><version>${project.version}</version></dependency><dependency>  < groupid>com.alexgaoyh</groupid>  <artifactId>MutiModule-ueditor</artifactId>  < version>${project.version}</version>      <type>war</type>  </dependency>< plugin>  <artifactId>maven-war-plugin</artifactId>  <configuration>  < attachclasses>true</attachclasses>  </configuration>  </plugin>

It is important to note that:

Using the Tomcat7-maven-plugin plug-in to facilitate the ueditordemo part of the functional testing, after the construction, can be dependent on the following two sub-modules directly rely on, direct data function testing.

<!--here Tomcat7-maven-plugin to deploy the MAVEN Web project:-->< using plug-ins!--Here you need to configure the local environment, Tomcat:tomcat_user. XML, add manager roles and users, for plug-in auto-deploy apps--><!--Open Maven:setting.xml, configure the relevant Tomcat manager user information above <servers> node,-- ><!--Open the following plug-in configuration snippet--><!--tomcat7:deploy  tomcat7:redeploy  tomcat7:undeploy--><plugin > <groupId>org.apache.tomcat.maven</groupId> <artifactid>tomcat7-maven-plugin</ artifactid> <version>2.2</version> <configuration> <url>http://localhost:8080/manager/ text</url><server>tomcat7</server><path>/mutimodule-ueditordemo</path></ Configuration> </plugin>

Specific configuration methods: See also:

Effect Show:

Maven War packages are interdependent

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