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Maxthon as a single Window multi-page browser tool, with less resources to occupy the system, fast browsing and other advantages, the author in the long-term use of the process, summed up some of the use of skills, I do not dare to enjoy, write to share with you.

Easy to intercept active Plug-ins

Because the active plug-in can be forced into the browser, browsing some sites will detect the installation of such plug-ins, such as no installation will pop up a dialog box, ask if it is installed, if you do not want to install click No, but again later browsing will also appear such a hint, very troublesome.

Although the Windows XP SP2 patch can manage active plug-ins, what about the system we use instead of Windows XP? Don't worry, the latest version of the Maxthon can also easily intercept the active plug-ins.

Open Maxthon Browser, click "option/AD Hunter", check "Enable Active X filter" option, Maxthon can intercept the active plugin when browsing again.

Under the page label, you can see a "Maxthon blocked the download of an active plug-in" prompts, if you do not want to install this plugin, you can click on the Tip bar, select "Never install this plugin", will not appear this plug-in installation prompts.

Second, never lost Favorite Folders

Usually surf the internet, if you see a good site, we will conveniently add to the favorites to save, for future browsing needs, but once the system crashes, the contents of the favorites will disappear, how to do? With Maxthon browser You can create a favorite that never loses.

Open the Maxthon option, click the Favorites subkey, and click the "Browse" button at the root of the Favorites folder to assign the working directory of your favorites to a non-system partition. Even if the system partition is formatted, you can retrieve the contents of the Favorites folder by specifying the Favorites working directory to the previous directory in Maxthon.

Third, my privacy.

When surfing the internet, always leave some clues in the computer, the security of the system brings great hidden trouble, and Maxthon browser will help us solve this problem.

Open the Maxthon option, click the "Exit" tab of the "General" subkey, select the content you want to clear, general selection on it, close the Maxthon browser, the system will automatically remove the address bar or search bar history and all kinds of cookies, so as to protect our internet privacy.

Four, easy to control the file download

In Maxthon, you can also choose "Save as" or "Download tool" to download files like ie. If you don't like the choice, you can also specify the download tool as the default download method.

Open the Maxthon option, click the "Download" subkey, select the default download tool and watch the download file type, and then download such files later, the browser will choose the default download tool to download.

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