McAfee Antivirus Software Uninstall method

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McAfee anti-virus software is a good anti-virus recognition, I believe many friends are in use. However, after using a period of time to uninstall, it becomes a problem. Today, Xiao-bian to share with you McAfee anti-virus software uninstall method, I hope to help you.

McAfee Antivirus Software

1, click start-Control Panel--"Add or remove Programs (add or delete program): You will find four programs about McAfee, you can uninstall the following three directly, the other one is not successful uninstall, Remove:

McAfee Virusscanenterprise,

McAfee Hostinstrusion Prevention,

McAfee AntiSpyware Enterprise Module

The McAfee Agent is not uninstalled.

2, right click My computer-Manage (management)-"services and applications-" services: You will find that there are seven of McAfee's service (if the first step, You can only find four services), select and right-click to select Stop to stop the service.

3, start-"Run: Enter cmd into the DOS interface, and then enter:" C:Program Filesmcafeecommon Frameworkfrminst.exe/forceuninstall (note contains quotes, The path above is the default installation path).

4, you can re-enter the first step into the Add or remove the program interface, in general, after the completion of the third step after the McAfee agent automatically unloaded, if not the manual removal, this time can be deleted successfully.

5, in the EPO4.5 console – System Tree – operation-Directory Management-delete-– Delete agent.

6, in the EPO4.5 console-query-operation-delete.

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