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Meego applications are written in C ++ using the meego SDK, which clients des QT 4.6.2. the meego SDK is currently targeted specifically for development on a Linux workstation, with detailed instructions for creating and debugging meego applications.

Develop Debug Package Distribute


The meego SDK creates a virtual environment on your workstation that is like developing directly on a meego OS-based system. this allows you to easily build against the meego version of QT (4.6.2) as well as other meego platform libraries, if needed.


Debugging your application can be done with any of the following:

    • Start your application directly from the virtual environment. Your application window will appear on your Linux workstation (screenshot)
    • Use xephyr to run your application inside the meego OS UI. (screenshot) the version of xephyr for meego is enhanced with dri2 support and hardware accelerated graphics.
    • Debug your application on your netbook

Create a standard rpm-format package for your meego application.


The RPM package can be submitted to one of the various application stores.

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