Memory cards cannot be formatted, backed up, restored

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There is no format (before formatting, please make a good MMC card backup, in the forum has a lot of licensed backup), is generally a virus (mobile phone virus with computer is very difficult to kill), first of all we want to remove this virus:

1. Through the rising of the document shredding tool (other files can be crushed or also) the system under the MMC crushed together. Then you can complete the formatting normally.

2. By deleting the system file. There must be a strange file that cannot be deleted. Select this file, rename (first of all, change the suffix name Txt,rar,mp3 these can), delete this unfamiliar file, everyone is trying to format.

Tip: Memory card is corrupted

You can take the card reader to the computer to test, to see if the computer can be read, if the computer does not show, then you take the card down to check the position of the gold fingers clean and wipe the eraser and then insert the card reader and mobile phone.

The memory card can be recognized by the computer but cannot be read.

Most of these problems are due to poor access to the card reader.

How memory cards are backed up

You can insert the card into the reader on the computer, and then in the memory card directory press CTRL + a full selection, and then select Copy, and then select a computer disk to paste the backup

Canet Data Recovery

When you mistakenly delete or mistakenly format the memory card, as long as you do not enter the data again, generally can restore the data in the card. If you've lost a new file, you can sometimes recover some of the canet data, depending on the size of the new file being saved. Here's what we need: computers, card readers, and "easyrecovery" software.

First, connect the card reader, open the Easyrecovery, select the "Data Repair" menu, choose the appropriate options according to your situation, such as "Recover deleted files."

In the second step, the software will require scanning the system drive. Later, after the drive is displayed, select Full Scan and reconnect the card reader if the memory card does not appear.

The third step, after the scan is complete, the directory Recovery option appears, which can be selected according to the specific situation of the data store. For example, choose MMC (this is usually the name of the memory card), the next process is the software fool-like operation. Believe that the operation to this point, we will be clear, simply to choose a folder on the computer to store the recovered data.

Format the memory card with FAT or FAT32 on the computer

Remember: Use FAT format!! Otherwise the memory card is not recognized on the phone!

On the phone set up a memory card password, forgot how to retrieve, with Fileman and other management software to find C/system/mmcstore file, change it to Mmcstore.txt, and then open, can see the password.

If you had done that, the file would have gone.

The mobile phone is plugged into the memory card and the multimedia automatically pops up.

This is because the song garbled problem, next MP3 to garbled software to clean up on it.

"Memory card to be used" appears when the cell phone formats the memory card.

This situation is mostly due to the installation of fonts and input method. First hand machine, take down the memory card boot, plug in memory Kadeg on it!

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