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Memory Leak test tool-general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information. The following is a detailed description. With the further development of the test, I think the problem began to occur in memory allocation and other details. So I went to the Internet to find out if there were any tools to automatically test memory leakage, because I had obtained such tools in the Visual C ++ environment. The results are true and better. This tool is named valgrind. Its official website is the current maximum is 3.3.0. However, I did not install it, Because Fedora7 has already installed valgrind3.2.3, which is enough.

This software has many optional parameters. By directly providing the execution file to the software, it will test all the memory leaks in the software by running the software. The most special advantage is that it can identify the gcc-g option and load the debugging information of the execution file, directly reporting which line of the source file may generate Memory leakage. In addition, it reports Memory leakage in a possible and existing manner. Beyond my imagination, I cannot tell why Memory leakage occurs in some reports. Maybe I do not have enough understanding of C ++. After all, I used to compile standard C.

In Visual C ++, there is also a small plug-in available in both VC6 and. net environments. I used it before when debugging multiple threads, but it is still good. This is called vld (Virtual Leak Detector), the website is alleakdetector. aspx. You only need to load a header file and a dynamic link library to obtain all unreleased memory information in the debugging report, including the memory area size, number of blocks, and content. However, you cannot report the problem.
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