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Many users want to upgrade their memory to speed up their computers, but some users have found that after upgrading the memory, the speed of the computer has slowed down, this is because the memory is big, dormant time also long computer running speed is slow, in fact, we can set up the registry, the memory space reasonable division arrangements, can get unintended consequences. Here is a look at the author's memory speed to improve the skills.

First, modify the registry to play a large memory advantage

Open Registry Editor, locate [hkey_local_machinesystemcurrentcontrolsetcontrolsession managermomory Management], and modify some key values in the right pane.

1, "LargeSystemCache" (Start a large system cache):

A large memory space is opened in memory for the pre read operation of the disk file system. When a program continuously requests more data, Windows automatically reads through the system cache, allowing the program to get the data it needs at the fastest speed. Enabling this system buffer consumes more physical memory, which reduces the amount of available physical memory that can be exploited by the program. Set its value to 1. In this way, the system cache is increased from 4MB to 8MB.

2, "Secondleveldatacache" (Improve CPU performance):

CPU processing speed is much greater than the memory access speed, and memory is much faster than the hard disk. In this way, between the CPU and memory, between memory and disk to affect the performance of the bottleneck, the previous "LargeSystemCache" is designed to alleviate memory and disk bottlenecks, and the CPU in order to be able to quickly obtain processing data from memory also set a buffer mechanism L2 cache ( Second-level cache). Adjusting this key allows Windows to better match the CPU's ability to use the caching mechanism to obtain higher data pre-read hit rates. It is recommended that you set it to 512.

3, disablepagingexecutive (Disable paging file):

Change its value to 1 (hexadecimal), which will make all programs and data mandatory to run in physical memory instead of using virtual memory. Obviously, when there is enough physical memory to complete the required tasks (such as 1GB or more), this will make the system performance greatly improved. Enabling it may be a disaster for users with only 128MB or fewer memory--systems that frequently go awry until they crash.

4, "Iopagelocklimit" (custom input/output buffer size):

The input and output system is the channel between the device and the microprocessor to transmit data, and the data transmission will be more fluent when the buffer size is enlarged. Similarly, the size of the specific setting depends on the size of the physical memory and the number of tasks to run, in general, if the memory has 64MB, you can set the 16 value of the Double-byte key to (1MB), (2MB), or 1000 (4MB) 128MB memory can be set to 1000 (4MB), Watts (8MB) or 4000 (16MB); 256MB Memory 4000 (16MB) or 8000 (32MB). Of course, if you have more memory, you can set it to 10000 (64MB) or even more. When set to 0 o'clock, Windows is automatically configured.

Second, the use of virtual hard disk software

RAMDisk Plus, the software is a part of the memory to partition as a disk partition, RAMDisk Plus can also add multiple partitions, and then put some common programs in, so that the operation is certainly much faster.

1, some temporary folder transfer to this partition, such as IE's temporary folder, this will greatly enhance the speed of your browsing the web.

2, but the memory after the power of things will not have, however, RAMDisk Plus provides the option to automatically save the shutdown, that is, when the computer shutdown can be stored in the virtual hard disk partition in the actual hard disk partition in the place you specify, and then the boot load back, and the reason for hibernation, similar to the rest of the truth, Only this will cause the shutdown and boot time to become very long, so it is recommended that only temporary files on the virtual hard disk partition, anyway temporary files will be emptied sooner or later, put on the RAMDisk also eliminates the trouble of manual emptying.

After the above explained to the memory space arrangement partition, as well as to the registry setting memory speed promotion skill, the computer's running speed will definitely raise a height.

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