Men and women are two completely different kinds of people.

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men and women are two completely different kinds of people. Woman's character man can not guess, man's character woman also difficult to understand. Therefore, as a woman to understand men, first of all to understand the character of men, so as to know the man, can affect their feelings.   for women, it is important to understand the character of a man, no matter how difficult and frustrating you encounter in love, as long as you know him, believe you will try to improve your feelings.   the character of a man is diverse. The crown of a rage, the revolt, just a small part of the character of the man. Men can also be submissive and submissive. But one thing is the common character of all men, and that is, every man has his own principle, his own bottom line.     psychologists have shown that men have different preferences for color, and there are differences in personality traits. To understand the character of men, according to the preferences of men to judge their character.   preference for the green: rigorous, calm, steady work, is worthy of trust of the solid figure. But this kind of personage lacks in the affection aspect, often stern, has the patience and the practical ability, tenacity, earnest, everything step by step, the money use also quite planned, can develop the cause in the stability.   Preference Purple: Cautious, Xi nu not shape in color, many inner thoughts are hidden, do not want to reveal. Elegant attitude, rich in mysterious temperament, not good at communication, give people indifference, arrogant feeling, like thinking, very will suppress, control their feelings.   preference for the red: lively, enthusiastic, bold, trendy, sensitive to popular information, is prone to emotional people, there is a strong emotional needs, hope to obtain a companion comfort. The disadvantage is the exaggeration, boasting, the attention to the appearance modification, has pursues the material desire the tendency.   preference for yellow: positive personality, love adventure, optimism, hearty, like to make friends, is philosophical, Lotte social figure.   preference for Blue: The attitude is clear, honest, way of doing things tend to mean the mean, work is flexible, leaving room for manoeuvre.   Preference Gray: lack of perseverance, character timid, timid, all things depend on others, not their own ideas, easy to be influenced by others and change has been decided or promised.   Preference White: personality cheerful, simple, clear, like disclosure, life love clean, home layout spacious bright, pay attention to personality characteristics.   preference for Black: slightly similar to purple, introverted, gloomy mentality, like to go alone, and hope to maintain a unique space for personal activities.   This is only a woman to understand a man's little common sense, to really understand the character of a man, of course, the need for women in life to find out, to try to what kind of man's personality characteristics.   In a sense, a man's character is to accompany a woman's life, so, as a woman in the choice of their own happiness, must be cautious, try to understand the character of the man.   in real life, some men are easy-going, good at communicating with people, good at grasping each other's psychology, but also good understanding and so on, so that special "affinity", reduce the politics, business, farming, scholarship in the unnecessary friction, easily achieved success. For women, such a character is also a great fortune!  character is a person's specific psychological characteristics and the behavior of the corresponding mode.   The "life experience" of a person, including the indirect and direct "experience" of the family, school and society, constitutes the psychological characteristics of the person's treatment of the objective world. And when he responds to the objective world, it becomes his system of behavior.   just stepping into the society of men, because there is not enough social experience, to see the world is very beautiful, warm and generous to people, with people from the non-fortification, want to say, want to laugh, often according to their own "emotions" dominate their behavior.   after experiencing the "vicissitudes of life", know that the Sun also has "sunspots", flowers also have withered time, the material base of love, beautiful can not be a meal to eat, people do things to "take it Easy", life road has traps and so on. As a result, mature men began to "fortification", his character has become "calm and firm."   some people in the evaluation of a person, will say: "'d been through difficult water, except Wushan is not a cloud", nothing is to say, see more, see more, listen to more, life experience to build the body of the "breakwater", reached the state of unflappable. "Everything is learned, human sophistication is the article", but also said that a gentleman's character has been "integrated", the seven colors have been "synthesized" for visible light.    children, always naïve, young people, always simple, mountain people, always simple, in the lake, always loyal to ... People's character formation, more is the acquired social practice, of course, there are some innate heredity. Man is a kind of "avoiding the harm" of the animal, or, people's short-sighted and narrow is an instinct. When social life changes, the deformed environment can cause deformed character. Character is the product of the environment, the environment determines the psychological characteristics and behavior of people.   men in the cause of what is not smooth, he will not be so quickly relieved, he smiled outside a face, home but silent voice, silent face.   all say that women are very fragile, in fact, men more vulnerable than women, more than women can not bear the frustration of life. The more the appearance of a strong, prosperous career, smooth sailing men, the more vulnerable to the storm, it is like some major diseases do not make, small disease constantly people tend to live longer than those who never get sick is a truth.   men need career success experience, need the praise and trust of the boss, needs the wife's gentleness, the child's intelligence, needs the warm concern of relatives and friends, if less one of them, he will feel his sky is broken, so painful. In fact, in other words, because the needs of men too much too greedy, so he will be more vulnerable to injury, it will feel exhausted.   Most of the frustrated men are very vulnerable, they will be drunk in the corner of the world, spray smoke ring silently, let nicotine against their own pain, then the feeling for them, as if the end of the world has come.   men sometimes difficult to understand, supposedly very tired of the rest, but he is also for some irrelevant things big mind, the world foot race he did not know the day and night, the international fiasco let him pain, the Gulf War broke out he was busy watching TV like a U.N. secretary ... His mind was filled with the universe and the country, but neglected the housework, the little things, the ordinary things, as if these things have been arranged by God, or these are his own wife's patent.     In addition, men cherish face, far better than cherish women. If Li Zicheng not let Wu Gui in public under the green hat, want to Wu Sangui also not "Chong crown an anger for the confidante." Really crunch, even Xiang Yu such a hero also did not have the courage to do heroic work hero. Hero end, pour force to the beauty can only swear Dan dan Surface determination: Han army has slightly, embattled sound, the king of all the way, the concubine Song!   face for men, and sometimes even more precious than gold, so, smart women in front of the outside people always let men dress ruler bearing. This face hurt him empty when still in the restaurant bleeding treat, it seems like a lot of money to show his life beautiful. Face makes love blow, will blow, good blowing men more and more, so that people do not know that is the advantage or disadvantage, the consequences of bragging makes men more laborious to protect the integrity of the cowhide ... So men tired, tired and exhausted, tired life greatly reduced. Body tired sleep can recover, and the heart is tired but need to be happy to relax. So, understand their character, and properly remind them not to save face, so they have to take their bodies down.   There are some men with strong personalities, because they have strong personality, so, most of them in the career is not proud. They are outspoken, likes and dislikes, the eye can not tolerate the slightest sand, talk easy to offend people, do not shun the wind. Although many of them are talented and able to work conspicuous, they can only "tread" in the original position.   of course, the man with strong personality is not without benefit, the man with strong personality is not smooth, not hypocritical. They Ding, there, can give you to do things never delay, can not give you do things to tell you clearly, do not sell "Xiaoguanzi", do not Leave "tail", do not think "return".   a man of strong personality is not cowardly, not timid. Again heavy burden also dares to choose, again sinister environment also dares to break, the pain and the humiliation never reveals in the face, the setback and the defeat will only make their will stronger.   Personality Strong man unconventional, with a blood, with a righteous, see quasi-truth, unremitting pursuit, never turn back.   men with strong personalities, mostly socially and narrowly. They do not love three friends and four friends together to play mahjong drink wine, but also do not like to visit the son, Bai Gan Pro, to curry favor with useful people. Although many of them have a certain foundation of social relations, but is not developed, not used, wasted in vain.   The man with strong personality, mostly in love also not smooth. Because they do not pretend to be happy with women, nor is it customary to take the initiative to Master love. Although some of them are handsome, but in the eyes of women is "the rooster."   men are also human, so men's personality performance is also a variety of: gentle, advocating fashion, the mighty handsome, career success, wisdom and deep ... And those who are fish for fame and sycophant cannot be called "personalities". Here, let's first exclude this part of the men from the ranks. After all, people have a group of points, the few can not be all men as a classic, for the moment, this part of the man as a personality man.     Some men's life is "smelly", the smell of men is also "smelly", therefore, it is also doomed to the personality of a man is also a word: smelly.   men's bad temper in the performance will not be cynical, will not be able to fickle, smelly temper does not allow them to violate their own principles of life, to abide by their commitments, and sometimes even ask their friends and loved to abide by.   men's foul temper in their forthright, loyalty, dare to do, in order to met by force, the truth can be justified after the end of life and death, do anything, they think "oneself is small, righteousness is the most." Once, the foul temper broke out, "The Emperor" also dares to unseat.   men's smelly temper also table now, they can live in smelly shoes smelly socks "edification", but do not allow their conduct by the external contamination, even if the material life of the nasty and complicated let its helpless, will not let their spiritual life is contaminated, their walls have a creed: gentleman, when out of the mud and not dyed. Even if you are his wife or girlfriend, if you try to change his life, delusions, his bad temper will make you overwhelmed, quit.   The man's smelly temper is like eats the stinky tofu, you may to his stench and the appearance to be disgusted, but when you carefully tasted, only then felt the aftertaste distant, cannot abandon, but did not dare too greedy to let go belly big eats a pass.   In fact, in a sense, such a smelly man has his own unique personality, they created a strong group of men. When a woman is lucky enough to have a model like this man, don't be too complacent. Some people have said: "You can not only drive, but also repair the car", this is a skill, not to you to go to the profligate, to know in the life of the journey, if you neglect to care, wait until the brakes fail, you will feel regret. Bad temper good man is like this, you have to study hard, because, you are not Huang Rong, more not Zhao.   smelly men have their own personality, he will be like a gentleman to tolerate your ignorance and unruly, will goujian like hardships bosom if the valley, will be as hard as the life of Zhuge Liang, will be like Jing Ke as "a friend die", will be like Tony Leung attracted you lazy eyes and make a bright, will like its · Parker like to use a lifetime to maintain his classic winner image ...    If one day, men are gentle and pleasant to become housewives, know the book Salute like Ladylike, women in the rush, the man's wife to teach son, then, I am afraid the most sad is a woman. Without a personality, a man or a real man? Will the world be so wonderful then?   the era of individuality does not need to be implicit, the individuality of the self needs to show. For women, a man's character not only need to find out, but also need a woman to understand after the heart to care!   I have always felt very good is: the most real is the self, the most straightforward is life, the most Mowgli is the personality.            7----------------------

Men and women are two completely different kinds of people.

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