Mercedes-Benz and BMW

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I have always liked these two companies. , But last month , In the same situation , The two companies have completely different practices. , This changed my previous views on BMW. It was at the Shanghai Auto Show. , First at the BMW booth , A new red style Z4 The sports car is being displayed on the exhibition stand. The day is the media day before the opening. , Few viewers , I pulled the door and just wanted to get in and feel the car's interior. , BMW aside Mm See me , It's so fast that I can't hide my ears when the bell rings , Said: "Sir , This car cannot go in. , You can take a photo ." I just want to say: isn't your company fully displaying your best products to the audience at this auto show? At this moment, a fat foreigner has opened the door, and half of the body has been exploring. Mm The other side of the car ( Mm I really admire the fact that I can still run so fast in high heels.) In a stunned tone, I shouted, "Alas, this cannot go in." A foreigner looked at her with a strange look, Mm I probably realized that I should speak English and use intermittent and unstandard English: "This, can not, come in, Sorry ..." As I reached out to capture the foreigner, I obviously saw the strange expression on the foreigner's face, and it was not a taste in my heart. Nnd , Do not allow them to participate again JB Auto Show? I left angrily, and the foreigner turned his head to another booth. Soon afterwards, I came to the Mercedes-Benz booth. At this moment, the only double-deck booth in the audience, and there were several cars on the second floor. All the service staff, including the clean and sanitary waiters, were all foreigners, they all have a smile and are very friendly. I came to S350 The sales staff at the side kindly asked me: "What help do you need ?" And deliver the juice. I touched the door and glass and opened the door again. The sales staff immediately blocked the door with their hands and motioned me to enter. At the same time, I noticed that a young man gently wiped the cloth where I touched it. Because I am very interested in the car and the negative effect of my previous "unhappy" on the BMW Booth, I felt very happy in this chat. I even thought that if I had to change my car in the future, I must be a Mercedes-Benz. At the same auto show, the two luxury car brands have a very different attitude towards the same customers: an atmosphere, affinity, warmth, and a stingy arrival, and service attitude. It is true that each company has its own corporate culture, but I cannot agree with the practices of BMW, I cannot accept any products produced by companies with such a corporate culture. While the Benz company reflects the fit of a large brand company (of course, from the brand on the Benz indeed is half higher than BMW), before the two products have not been exposed, high and low points. ----- By Sonne 2011/6/1

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