Merge sort for reverse order

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"Title description"

Now given a permutation of,..., N, the number of reverse order is obtained.

"Input Format"

The first line is an integer n, which indicates that the permutation has n numbers (n <= 100000).
The second line is n different positive integers, separated by a space, indicating the arrangement.

"Output Format"

Outputs the number of reverse order for this arrangement.


(1) the interval [1..N] is divided, the interval [1,mid] and [mid+1,n] are calculated first, and the sub-interval is divided by two until there is only one element in the interval.

(2) Merging the sub-ranges that have already been ordered, that is, using ordered [L,k][k+1,r] to find an ordered interval [l,r] to eventually merge into an interval [1,n], and the merging interval is divided into several steps:

① make i=j,j=mid+1, variable k=l, perform the next step.

② if I<=mid, and J<=r, if A[I]<A[J], then c[sum]=a[i],i++,sum++;

If A[I]>=A[J], then c[sum]=a[j],j++,sum++, perform the next step, if i>k, or j>r, then put the remaining elements of an interval into the C array, perform the next step.

③ if Sum>r, jump out of the loop.

For reverse order: In the second step of the merging interval in a[i]<a[j] ans+=mid-i+1 can be, the a[j] than the interval [i,mid] any one of the elements are small, and position in front of J, provides mid-i+1 reverse order.


1#include <bits/stdc++.h>2 3 using namespacestd;4 5typedefLong LongLL;6 7 inta[100010],c[100010];8 intN;9LL ans=0;Ten  One voidMerge_sort (intLintR) { A     intMid= (l+r) >>1, i=l,j=mid+1, K; -     if(L&GT;=R)return; - Merge_sort (l,mid); theMerge_sort (mid+1, R); -k=l; -      while(i<=mid&&j<=R) { -         if(a[i]>A[j]) { +c[k++]=a[j++]; -ans+=mid-i+1; +         } A         Elsec[k++]=a[i++]; at     } -      while(I<=mid) c[k++]=a[i++]; -      while(j<=r) c[k++]=a[j++]; -      for(i=l;i<=r;i++) a[i]=C[i]; - } -  in intMain () - { toscanf"%d",&n); +      for(intI=1; i<=n;i++) scanf ("%d",&a[i]); -Merge_sort (1, n); theprintf"%lld\n", ans); *     return 0; $}

Merge sort for reverse order

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