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Frequent restarts and crashes allow many friends who first touch computers or computers to be less knowledgeable. Because the computer is different from other household appliances, the probability of failure is relatively high, due to misuse or improper use of the fault caused by the ubiquitous. Friends who have used a computer mostly encounter crashes and restart of the fault, if the problem is not serious, by restarting, basically can solve the fault, and in many cases, the system frequently freezes, or frequent restart, we will cause enough attention. Encounter this situation, we do not 着慌, as long as you are careful enough, through their own hands, can completely eliminate the fault. Next, the author on the computer frequent crash and restart the troubleshooting methods and procedures, a simple collation.

Because of the particularity of the computer, we can focus on two aspects of software and hardware to find the root cause of the problem. In general, follow the hardware steps of the software before troubleshooting.  Due to improper application, operation error or virus infection caused by the system panic and restart the fault, the frequency is also relatively high, so if this phenomenon, we from the following aspects, to eliminate the computer software failure.

(1) Total anti-virus of the system

    since the computer has been in place soon, computer viruses have emerged. When the network becomes the information artery of today's society, the spread of the virus is more convenient, so it interferes and destroys our normal work from time to time. Can not look at this small virus, its destructive capacity is still quite strong, small will cause the system to run significantly slower, the system repeatedly restart, panic, large will be the hardware format, resulting in serious data loss, or directly caused by a variety of hardware equipment burned. "Shock wave" virus is causing the system to restart a more typical virus, its destructive capacity is quite large, when the attack will also prompt the system will automatically start in 60 seconds.  In fact, early in the DOS era there are a lot of viruses can automatically restart your computer.

for virus damage, we can use the latest version of the anti-virus software to complete the system anti-virus, the general will find the virus exists, directly delete the virus files, the basic can solve the problem. Of course, there is also a possibility that when you are on the internet has been malicious intrusion into your computer, and placed a Trojan horse program. This allows the other person to remotely control all of your computer's activities, including, of course, getting your computer restarted.   For some Trojans, not easy to clear, it is best to reinstall the operating system.

(2) Bad operation corrupted system files

Sometimes, because we do not operate properly, some system files will be deleted, destroyed, the system will be very unstable when running, easy to panic and restart. such as the font under the Kernel32.dll,win98fonts directory under the Win2K system runtime basic files are destroyed, the systemIt is forced to reboot as a result of which initialization cannot be completed at startup. You can do a test, the WIN98 directory of the Font "FONTS" to try to change the name.   When you turn on the machine again, our computer will continue to start repeatedly. For this type of failure, if the system can be properly entered, we can remove the original directory by copying the files from the same directory on the other machine. Of course, if you can't get to the normal desktop, you can only override the installation or reinstall. In general, if through normal boot can not enter the system, we can see whether the system can enter Safe mode, the method is in the system self-test, press the "F8" key, and then through the cursor key to select Safe Mode, press ENTER after the. If Safe mode can be entered, we can also exclude it through the first method.

(3) Restart

After installing the scheduled software or scheduled task software for easy user use, now there are a lot of regular boot and shutdown software, if you are in the "Planning taskbar" set up a restart or load some of the work program, when the timing of the arrival of time, The computer will also start again. In this case, we can open the "Start" item, check that there are not familiar with their own execution files or other timed work procedures, shielding them and then power-on check. Of course, we can also enter the "Msconfig" command directly in "Run" to select the startup item.

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