Methods for installing the 64-bit Compression pack version of MySQL 5.7.11 under Windows

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In order to learn the database, I went online to download the latest version of the WINDOWS64-bit MySQL 5.7.11, but spent a long time on the installation of the problem, but also borrowed a few predecessors to help themselves to solve the problem during the installation process, after the installation success, Let me summarize the steps to install this version of Windows, and also draw on a few predecessors ' posts to help solve the problems that you encountered during the installation process.



In particular, it is important to note that

It is particularly important to note that later installations of this version are different from the previous ones:

A.mysql 5.7.11 This is a compressed file version, the initialization needs to be set by itself, modify the parameters in the configuration file My-default.ini file.

B. There is a method for resetting the password on the Internet, but it is not applicable to the mysql-5.7.11 version, because there is a command statement in the Reset Password command to update the user set Password=password (' New password ') where user= ' root '; changed in this version of MySQL and became update user set Authentication_string=password (' 123456 ') where user= "root";

The specific process is:

1. Download link

2. Because it is compressed file package, need decompression, I unpacked the folder mysql-5.7.11-winx64 into D:\Program files (x86) path, according to personal preferences;

3. Need to set environment variable path, open My Computer-Properties-Advanced system settings-environment variables-system variables inside look for path, edit-new, add the path to the Bin folder in the Mysql-5.7.11-winx64 folder, for example, my Bin folder path in D:\ Program Files (x86) \mysql-5.7.11-winx64\bin, and then determine OK to save;

4. Create the Data folder under the Mysql-5.7.11-winx64 folder and modify the contents of the My-default.ini configuration file with the file name My.ini:

The contents of the document were amended to

That is, the values of the two variables basedir and DataDir are respectively set to the path of the Mysql-5.7.11-winx64 folder and the path of the data folder just created, save;

5. Open the cmd command line with administrator privileges, and the Cd+ folder path command enters the bin folder:

6. command to initialize the Data folder:

You can choose to initialize with Mysqld.exe--initialize-insecure or Mysqld.exe--initialize, Mysqld.exe--initialize-insecure Initialize the root password to NULL, If using Mysqld.exe--initialize to initialize, will generate a random password, the personal feel that the initialization is set to a blank password for the second time to reset the password, so I use the Mysqld.exe--initialize-insecure this command.

7. command to install MySQL:

Mysqld-install, after entering this command, there will be a service successfully installed feedback to remind you to install successfully.

8. You can turn on the MySQL service now (remember that step 8 must be before step 9, you must start the MySQL service to log on to the database)

Use the net start MySQL command to turn on (net stop MySQL command off)

9. Initial login database for password reset:

    1. Use the Mysql-u root command to enter the login, because the password was just initialized when the empty, so it is convenient to enter the database;
    2. command input use MySQL;

    3. command Input Update user set Authentication_string=password (' 123456 ') where user= "root"; there will be feedback reminding you "Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.00 SEC) ", successfully changed the password;

    4. command input quit or \q to exit the database;

This is to remember to open the task Manager to exit the MySQL and mysqld processes and turn off cmd.

open cmd (direct command not can go to the bin path to execute command operation) at this time, if the MySQL service is not open, through 8 steps to open, open and then use the mysql-u root-p command to login to the root user.

Methods for installing the 64-bit Compression pack version of MySQL 5.7.11 under Windows

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