Methods of inserting CAD graphics and cropping in Word2007

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In AutoCAD in the drawing, copy paste to Word2007, found that the "Picture format" tab does not appear, it can not be directly cropped.



Step 1. Click the Office button in the upper-left corner → word tab → customize

Step 2. In step 1, the blue arrow refers to the Drop-down menu, select Picture Tools | Format tab, select the Crop button below and add to the right Quick Access Toolbar



1. Insert the CAD entity directly in Word, personally think is not a good idea, at the moment diagram convenient modification but cause Word file size expands rapidly;

2. The line width setting is still a problem--you can't display the desired line width in Word;

The person thinks that the drawing of the CAD file should still be in the place where it should be--CAD all finished and modified, and then through:

"Paste-selective" in the "copy" →word in CAD

Paste as Metafile WMF format, the printing effect is basically first-class.

Some people say that CAD graphics can also be glued to flash, because both support vector graphics, not only to get first-class display effect, but also to become transparent background.

3. Many other buttons can also be done in a similar way, such as Word2003 the outline level can be set up through the "file" → "send" → "PowerPoint" generated ppt, but in the Word2007 does not have this option, still through the above method in the "Custom" You can find that button in the tab.

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