Methods of maintenance of common faults in burners

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Common faults one: Unable to start computer after installing a burner

First disconnect the computer from power supply, open the chassis shell to check that the IDE line is fully plugged in, and ensure that the PIN-1 position is properly connected. If the burner is sharing an IDE line with other IDE devices, make sure that both devices cannot be set to either "Ma" or "SL" (Slave), one setting to "Ma" and one to "SL".

Common fault two: success with simulated burn, actual burn failed

Burner provides the difference between the "simulate burn" and "burn" commands, whether or not the laser beam is played, and the other operations are identical, that is, "simulate burning" can test the source disc for normal, The hard disk speed is fast enough, the remaining disk space is sufficient and so on the situation of the burning environment, but can not test the disc to be burned there is a problem and the burner's laser read and write head power and the disc matching and so on. In view of this, the description of the "Simulated burn" success, and the real burn failure, that the burner and the gap between the compatibility of the disc is not very good, you can use the following two methods to try again:

1. Lower the write speed of the burner, recommendation 2X below;

2. Please replace a different brand of blank discs for burning operations. There is another reason for this phenomenon is the laser reading and writing head power attenuation, if the use of the same brand for a moment recorded, in the previous period of time is normal, it is likely to read and write head power attenuation, can be sent to the manufacturer for repair.

Common Failure Three: unable to copy game CD

Some large commercial software or game software, in the production process, the disc of the CD to protect, so in the process of copying the disc, there will be unable to copy, resulting in the burning process error, Or after replication is not working properly.

Common failures Four: burned CD music does not play correctly

Not all audio devices are able to read CD-R discs properly, most CD players do not normally read the contents of CD-RW platters, so it is best not to use a burner to burn CD music. Also, it is important to note that the CD music that you burn must conform to the Cd-da file format.

Common failure Five: during burning a disc, the "Bufferunderrun" error message

"Bufferunderrun" error message is sometimes used to indicate that the buffer is not in the load. Generally in the burning process, the data to be burned needs to be transmitted by the hard disk through the IDE interface to the host, and then through the IDE interface to the burner's cache (buffermemory), the last burner to storeIn the Buffermemory data information burning to a CD-R or CD-RW disc, these actions must be continuous, absolutely can not be interrupted, if any one of the links there are problems, will cause the burner can not write the normal data, and a buffer due to the error prompted, and then the disc scrapped. The solution is to shut down some of the resident memory programs before burning, such as turning off the disc Auto Insert notification, turning off antivirus software, window task management and scheduling tasks and screen saver, and so on.

Common Failures Six: disc burning process, often burn failure

To improve the success rate of burning to maintain a simple system environment, that is, close the background resident program, preferably for the burning system to prepare a dedicated hard disk, specifically to install and burn related software. In the burning process, it is best to save the data to the hard disk, make the "ISO image file", and then engraved into the disc. In order to ensure the smooth data transmission of the recording process, it is necessary to organize the hard disk fragments frequently, avoid the errors caused by the files not being transmitted properly, and can do the hard disk finishing by performing ScanDisk and Disk Defragmenter. In addition, do not run other programs during the burn process, even the mouse and keyboard do not go easy to touch. Burning the computer is best not to network with other computers, in the burning process, if the system administrator to send information to the machine, will affect the burning effect, in addition, in the local area network, do not use resource sharing, if the burning process, other users read the local hard drive, will cause the burn work interrupted or failed In addition, also pay attention to the burner heat dissipation problem, good heat dissipation condition will give a stable working environment, if because of continuous burning, burner calorific value is too high, you can shut down the computer, and so on after the temperature reduction to continue burning. It is best to add an extra cooling fan to the chassis for the built-in burner. External Burner should pay attention to dust-proof, moistureproof, lest cause the laser head read and write not normal.

Common Failures Seven: use Easycdpro to burn an unrecognized Chinese directory name

When you use Easycdpro to burn Chinese file names, you can select Romeo in the file name option to support a file name of up to 128 bits, or 64 characters. In addition, WINONCD, Nero, directcd2.x and so on can well support long Chinese file name, Easycdcreator in this aspect to be slightly troublesome.

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