MFC-based media player player Creation (1---The layout of the player interface)

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Through some of the above preliminary knowledge, we can now make the MFC-based player, and then we are talking about using MFC to make our player

The interface.

First of all, we open VC + + 6.0. Find the toolbar: File---> New---> Actions on the following image

Once the above operation is complete, we can find our process folder at the save path we set, and we can see the vc++6.0 panel.

Such as:

Next, we introduce the addition of interface components: operations

If you add all the components well, and set the ID and name, my following:

Above this is the layout of my interface, you can according to their preferences, set out their own features of the interface, after all, beautiful first

After all the steps above, we're ready to add the Media Player control. We select the Panel, right-click, find Insert ActiveX control ..., and then I

The operation;

MFC-based media player player Creation (1---The layout of the player interface)

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