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The microblogging public platform opened a new message interface--music news--in the year before, a boon to the vast majority of micro-credit public platform developers.

Based on this feature, if you can make the function in the micro-letter midpoint, then we can not install other apps,

Directly in the micro-letter to pay attention to an account, you can listen to music, but also eliminates the installation of trouble, and no longer occupy space. If the music resources are good enough, it is not impossible to kill all the seconds on the phone and listen to the software online.

 One, access to music resources

Baidu has a music interface,

Http://box.zhangmen.baidu.com/x?op=12&count=1&title= about in the winter $$ chin $ $

Returns the result to

Second, and micro-trust docking

The music message format is as follows

Parameter description

  Third, the core process realization

  Iv. Demonstration of effectiveness

Need to add micro-letter public account Square times Studio, you can see the relevant use of instructions

1. Send "song" Add the title, such as "Song of the most dazzling national wind", return the specified song.

The song is very fluent and has a good experience in the WiFi environment.

This is the successful interface of the song

This is the display at the top column

This is the music playback interface.

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