Micro-letter Chat record how to export micro-letter Chat record Export method detailed

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To the users of micro-credit software to detailed analysis to share the micro-letter chat record export methods.
Method Sharing:
Sync Assistant
Computer version of the micro-letter (here with the version as an example)
1. Backup chat record with Sync Assistant (can be backed up and imported to new phone)
Use the synchronization assistant to export the micro-letter chat record. Click the "Export" button in the top left corner of the micro-mail Chat record window, and the Sync Assistant's micro-chat record export feature supports TXT and Excel two file export backup.

Sync Assistant micro-letter chat record export backup function
In addition, the Sync Assistant also supports the message export function for micro-letter images and voice messages. Just click the "Export" button next to the picture or the voice to save to the local computer. The exported picture is in PNG format, the voice is AMR format, and can be opened directly on the computer.

Micro-letter Voice picture message also supports export backup
The latest version of the Sync Assistant tool also provides micro-letter chat records to view the function, the mobile phone connected to the computer, the main window of the Sync Assistant "more Features" under the "micro-letter" icon, click to enter; the Sync Assistant will automatically read the phone micro-mail chat record.

Sync Assistant supports viewing micro-chat records

Sync Assistant View Export micro-mail chat record version requirements

Click the contact person to view the micro-mail chat record
In addition, the Synchronization assistant micro-letter Chat record Viewer also provides users with a powerful search function, can be based on the date, contact people, such as search, convenient chat information management.

2. Computer version of micro-letter Chat record Export method:
Because of the use of the computer version of the micro-letter, the mobile side of the micro-letter will also sync messages. By the end of this article, the latest computer version of the micro-letter does not provide chat record export function. But the computer version of the micro-letter can be used to export the phone-side chat records to achieve the computer version of micro-mail chat record export purposes.
First, the phone is connected to the computer via a USB cable.
Then click on the computer version of the micro-letter in the lower left corner of the settings button.

Computer micro-mail chat record export
Then click the backup to press the prompt operation.

Okay, the above information is small to give you the micro-letter of this software users to bring the details of the micro-letter chat record export method to resolve all the content of the share, you see the users here Small series believe that everyone now that is very clear export method of it, Then everyone will go to the small part of the way to share the method of their own to try to export the micro-letter chat record it.

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