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Micro-business to find customers can be said to be plagued by a lot of doing micro-business friends, small knitting here to give you friends to say 15 kinds of micro-business to find accurate source of the method.

Talking about the source of drainage, micro-merchants know that those who do a good master, first of all, is the drainage master, they through a variety of channels drainage, sedimentation of the database. It is tens of thousands of on 100,000, one months to do a hundreds of thousands of turnover is not uncommon, many just contact the novice, often the micro-business is stuck here, is not. Thus, good drainage, for the achievement of a micro-business is how important. Then, on the specific way of micro-credit drainage, the following summary of the sharing of several methods: first of all, said the flow of classification bar (3 kinds of traffic:) 1, Superior Flow: Personal brand fan flow, simple is the flow from the media, this, we can not learn.
2, high quality flow: Have a relationship of the flow, simply may be an article, may be video, may be a third party recommended, simple to understand your information after the flow of attraction.
3, Garbage flow: completely inaccurate flow, their own random and actively add the flow or attract traffic. The simple thing is that someone is in your micro-letter, but he doesn't know you at all, or is not interested in the micro-business at all. Garbage flow, must not consider, this flow of 100 is not as good as a fan flow or a relationship flow.
Flow must follow 2 iron laws:
Iron Law 1: If someone else adds you, not you.
Iron Law 2: attract the flow must be accurate flow, micro-letter personal number of Friends circle must be precision marketing. The second is the micro-business drainage treasure (below There are 15 ways to find a source) one, QQ Group drainage
QQ Group Drainage method, a lot of small white is not actually done the home to cheat, retail to add group drainage is OK, recruit agent to others mass advertising is not said, and the effect is not good. Agent or sell the words of their own build a group, make the rank first not good? How simple is it to have a daily flow? And you are a group of owners, high credibility, and easy to deal. If you want to know more, you can come to Xiaoping, my contact information, the article below there! You go to search the relevant keywords, the default sort is your local, use a point of technology 3 days can rank to the local first or second. This I also operate, because I want to recruit agents, my key word is "micro-quotient", I set up the place is Wuhan, as shown

Local rankings come up, then in the national rankings will be good, but also very simple. So you do your own product is what the crowd, go to get what group Q Group. However, small micro-business do not recommend, learn to deal with the drainage.
Second, QQ group file drainage
QQ Group This big Fish pond, will play the drainage master has many kinds of game, one of which I think is relatively easy, is to do a value class article or document, preferably into a PDF format, with your micro-signal, uploaded to the group file. If the title set enough Temptation, there will be a lot of people to see, in the content to leave bait, naturally someone will add you, but to set the smart enough, otherwise it will be deleted by the administrator or even directly kicked you out of the group.
Another prerequisite is that the amount must be large, at least to prepare hundreds of groups, so that a single drainage of tens of hundreds of people should not be a problem. The other is the system program with the information from the mass function, for example, we first add 20 horse oil Taobao QQ Group, then we through the program in these groups to send information, said to be horse oil products, to introduce, according to my personal experience, one night to add your people absolutely more than 100, and then say, You go to compete brand QQ group inside, then say to ask product introduction, oneself want to do Taobao, suffer without own channel, want to find a person to take a belt, do apprentice, attitude humble Some, then add your person is dozens of is not.
These are conservative methods, we can according to their own ideas, the illusion of countless moves, in order to achieve the position of no recruit wins.
Three, QQ space drainage
As a micro-business, in addition to playing the micro-letter, QQ space is also the best way to sell goods marketing. Why do you say that? Compared to micro-letters, QQ space because of its transparent comments and point of praise more can generate trust; available channels more (album, log, message board, say, etc.), more flexibility, available marketing points more. If you can play QQ space, can not only avoid the circle of Friends of various suppression and restrictions can open up a new marketing path, why not? Want to use QQ space to do micro-business, you can work from the following several aspects: 1, the basic settings: nothing but the name, avatar, gender, address, etc. In the circle of friends to set the time has been said many times in addition, QQ space message board, personal files, music, time axis can be used up to create a delicate and purposeful micro-business QQ space. 2, the content is king: QQ space content mainly from three aspects to maintain and marketing: Log, say, album. 3, the promotion of powder: micro-business how to find customers, any marketing can not be separated from the "fans." The circle of Friends is so, QQ space is also so. QQ space to promote the simplest way is to write a good article after the link to a good friend, so that they help forwarding and comments, so that the article will bring the frequency of clicks is sure to greatly increase, but also is not a naked mass advertising, easy to be kicked by the number. Here are some tips on how to find accurate fans in space: 1, we search in the QQ box to discover the word acne this keyword, when we search, will find a lot of related articles.
2, and then we select a number of forwarding a high volume of articles, into his diary.
3, after entering the log, we open the bottom of the log at the end of interaction, we will find a lot of people reading information, then read these articles, there is demand for this, but also very accurate customer. Then we can, according to the clues left by those people, click into their space. Add them directly to the space homepage as a buddy and then import the micro-mail.
Below we talk about the passive plus way, passive plus way, is to wait for others to add you, then according to the clue marketing, that is to leave clues, leaving our contact or micro-signal, let others to add us. 1, the first way to leave a clue, to high access to the flow of space to put the copy and advertising, leaving the contact method, we are everywhere to high traffic space advertising, we need to pay attention to a detail, advertising should not be too obvious, first highlight their own in this area is very professional, and then to exchange the tone let others add you.
2, the second is in the right to the weight of the forum to leave clues. Weight forum There are many, including Tianya, watercress, mop, Baidu Bar and so on we are familiar with the big Forum, in the Big forum, we send advertising to learn a thinking, is false original and plagiarism of other people's works, we put those fiery articles in a station to move to B station, contact people replaced our good, not only plagiarism articles, Also copy other people's Advertising model (of course, you think you can write a better advertising model, we encourage the original). Advertising in the big forums is definitely not just your family, a lot of people are in the hair, but someone else is very clever to hide the ads, for example, we use the way of serialization, the ads will remain on the second page, or the use of Watermark Head and signature file advertising, there is also a nickname can be used as a point of advertising publicity.
When copying someone else's article, there are two options, one is a copy of professional knowledge, such as the female customers like beauty, then we send some about beauty skin care, acne, go to spots and other articles, and finally talk about the exchange please Kamishin a lot of these ways is to simulate the relevant fields of experts, send some professional articles, And then by the way of communication, leaving QQ or micro-signal conversion. The other way is to copy some very hot articles, which are the topics of the day, or current affairs, it from a station to B station, where you can paste their micro-signal on the micro where stickers, the whole network, so you leave clues everywhere are, follow-up will be someone to continue to add you. Four, the Baidu pastes the drainage
Since the introduction of Baidu in 2003, Post bar has been Baidu's flagship product. Now, some of the Web language has originated in the post bar and Weibo. With effective data statistics, post bar about 200 million of registered traffic! Active online users are about 50 million!
Every day we are talking about drainage, every day in the powder everywhere, but we all have a problem is: the addition of fans will not interact, openings do not know what to say. Fans do not interact, no amount of traffic is not used, no communication can not generate trust and recognition, and we can produce on the Internet trading relationship is based on a strange friend of our trust and recognition, do not communicate will not produce transactions.
So, how to communicate with new and unfamiliar friends? What do you say? How to quickly tap into the potential customer preferences, find a breakthrough point to get the other side of the rapid recognition? For the later transaction lay a good basis for trust. Stick the drainage to the friend can easily solve this problem.
As we all know, each stick has its own theme, each bar has a central theme of their own. can come to the same bar friends, certainly have a common interest in this subject, know the other party's likes, that better for communication and communication to find a good entry point. We say, like-minded, we can according to each other's preferences quickly into each other's emotional world.
First we have to have a few accounts, because all know, only posts in the home page will have a high exposure rate and the amount of clicks, and only others reply to their own posts can be displayed on the home page, in other people do not pay attention to their own post, the importance of a trumpet is reflected, their own top posts, improve the exposure rate.
Early on we need to find the bar to show their attention, and then go into the raise number upgrade.
Why do you have to raise the number, according to experience, the higher the level, the probability of being deleted by the Baidu system is lower, because the higher the level of Baidu more trust you, many of the first play bar will encounter the small partner is deleted by the second, the same advertising stickers, 1 and 12 levels of the effect is obviously different, 1-class must be deleted by seconds.
Start a few of our account every day with bar-phone client check-in, free to others hui paste, attention, reply not repeat 15 words (repeat word Baidu automatic audit for a word) with pictures, points will be upgraded more quickly, when their level rose to 3, 5 level above we can start posting.
High-level user posts, unless it is the Lord to see you unhappy, generally will not delete your posts.
We suggest that you start from your local area, because the area of the small partners will be more sense of belonging, and regional bar can be offline activities to communicate, can quickly build trust. Not only is the flow of potential customers, late customer change agent, or become a real real friend is more convenient.
It's easier to show yourself than a circle of friends
1. Do not post the advertisement on the first stage
Even if the level is high, Baidu does not delete, the Lord see you not pleasing to the eye will also delete, to tell the truth, we do not want to come up with an advertisement do not know the rules of people together happy play. Advertising can be soft, you can put the product information in the personal signature file, have the same effect. In the early stage we are in a community brush face, the best and the bar to do good relations. Became a friend, later even if the obvious advertising stickers, he will open one eye closed one eye. Own personal information, Avatar, signature file, the best way to watermark your own micro-signal add to the picture, because recently found that direct personal signature file dozen micro-letter two words sometimes do not show. Can be published in the form of v:cncc*** how many, discerning a see to understand.
2, the early to often respond to other people's request for help posts
Everyone likes people who are ready to help others. Or praise other people's replies, good words who love to listen to, in a community only have interactive cognitive or post enough attractive, others are willing to volunteer to reply you. Brush face is very necessary, post-click rate of their own post will be high.
3, post title must attract people
Post content to have to discuss the point can be answered. The amount of clicks and the amount of reply higher will let the people who see after a bit come in to see the power. Content can be collected from other places to gather quality content to trigger the resonance, or hot topics to trigger discussion. The quality of the content everyone will like, so that the interaction is high on the post People's Trust and awareness will be high, interaction is very strong.
We can see a lot of very high quality content, maybe this content only appears in a bar, we can collect quality content published to other bar, after all, bar has 800多万个 it, will not appear too many repetition phenomenon.
In the early stage we need a high interactive post in the members of this bar to occupy a place. So do not think that can only send their own things, as long as the good things we can send.
Basic each bar has its own paste community qq. We in this bar brush enough face, into a certain QQ group after the weight of speech, Q Group is full of traffic. It is also easy to establish the emotional basis for building trust traffic.
The sense of belonging of the community is a good foreshadowing of our development. Even we can build a group on a subject, bring the bar people together, do the community leaders, have a common topic is easier to communicate.
4, advertising a certain soft nature of the release
The same rules as the circle of friends, side feedback and soft marketing is the best way to release our products.
According to the products you run, choose the most attractive title and the most powerful picture, or the best feedback text.
For example, you sell diet pills, you can write, "Lose weight 5 years sad road, I finally thin" similar to the title, the same can not be advertising traces too heavy, but also can not leave the micro-signal, otherwise very easy to be deleted. Write as true as possible, the tone of the grounding gas point, then segmented release, this kind of post general reaction will be more enthusiastic, you can at the end of a sentence, interested in Add I micro-letter (bar user name), a post plus a 10 or so people is not a problem, if you can continue to top in front, will be every day someone add you.
5. Build one yourself, do it, Lord.
You can build a bar to do the Lord, you can go directly to those who do not bar the main stick mixed bar, apply to the Lord, so that the release of Information Trust and authority will be relatively high.
We all take for granted the trust of a certain Community boss, bar inside the Lord is the boss.
Stick a lot of it is not the main, we can go to apply, flow over can be used.
It's not just drainage, it's the place where we can really learn and realize our self-worth. We can learn a lot, also really can help a lot of people, sincerity is the most can impress people, play stick the mentality put it well, we are not to flow and to lead the flow. We are to feel the world, to realize self-worth, to make friends.
6, an interest in how to increase the degree of concern
For example, we are some bar lord, how to let more people pay attention to our stick. Post posting has a function to vote. But this is only a computer page version can be launched. Mobile clients seem to be useless.
When the computer posts the post, you can see the voting options, the point comes in the back of this page.
We can post an award-winning voting campaign, set a reward, and then the number of votes can be obtained. What is the award for the first floor of the reply in this post? Wait a minute.
Then you can paste it in another post, this vote to do the outside chain. Attract someone else to join me in the event. You can go to another friendship visit. Drain the members of the other bar.
The most successful of this kind of voting case is a long time ago the empty element bar grass selection activities. At that time, everyone votes for each other, each post reply to tens of thousands, there are thousands of paste, empty element bar immediately millions of fans concern.
Use bar to carry out drainage promotion, there are still many places to pay attention to.
1, the choice stick to have the focus: in the choice of post bar is to have a focus, if the simple to stay micro-signal, the best choice of some unpopular bar, there is the main stick management is generally more stringent, hair micro-signal, advertising is easily deleted, and the unpopular bar is rarely such a problem.
2, to learn to use the Hot spot: Using the popular events at the time to promote the promotion of their own promotional information, often such a post promotion effect is better, can attract a lot of clicks, you only need to be in the corresponding hot events posted inside the reply can be, practice has proved that the reply to the 8 floor
3, post to have skills: the same posts do not post in different paste post, to be in a number of paste, at least some of the title and content, or you send a few released out, and this is also easy to be posted by Baidu's system seconds deleted.
4, the content of the post should be fastidious: drainage to promote must use soft wen, a good soft wen will not only win the appreciation of netizens will also let the administrator of your goodwill, will be your article or post recommended to the home page. If you can promote the promotion of information editing seamless, then your post will be kept in the bar for a long time. The Lord and the system administrator are human beings, and there will be compassion. Care, do good advertising quality, will bring unexpected surprises.
5, look for attractive title: first to write one or several very attractive title, title in a successful post to occupy 80% of the status. When posting, first put more than 90% of the time to write the title, 10% of the time to write content. The title is to take advantage of the 2 great weaknesses of human nature: curiosity and greedy heart. Make each one look irresistible, and immediately have the impulse to think.
Liu, Baidu News Department drainage
This word, is Baidu traffic interception of a kind of, let others Baidu search keyword appears to you, there are a lot of small white home in the get. But estimates, they can not bear to teach you, many of the home estimated by this precise flow method for a living, play there are many kinds of, below I come to publish a common one. Look at the picture:

This is to intercept the search agent of the product flow, intercept the intention to do micro-business people flow, the keyword to extend their own, if you are making products, replace your product keyword.
News source, 50 dollars A, there are packages, you can stick to one or two or two, attract accurate flow.
Point 1: Keyword title content determines the amount of exposure, the content of the article decided to Baidu included.
Point 2: Remember to watch Baidu included which sites, do not send the wrong site.
Point 3: Channel to Taobao search "news source release" is good, Baidu also has a website to do this business, of course, there are free channels.
Seven, Baidu Station group drainage Import
This is a very advanced drainage method, pay attention to is a degree. If spent, it will backfire, will suffer to search engines, such as Baidu or Google's punishment. But if we hold it well, we can use this method, all of their information into the first 10 pages of Baidu, so this method is suitable for the master to do, novice, to know about it, later in the intermediate and advanced courses, I will step by step, hands-on, so that the small partners from the introduction to proficient, Finally mastered this kind of advanced hair.
The so-called Baidu Station group drainage Dafa, divided into common station group drainage and the Pan-station group drainage Two large categories, general station drainage is in the early stage, through the production of dozens of or even hundreds of websites, hang their own micro-letter, mobile phone, QQ information on the above, and then redirect, unified to import soft text information, to achieve the ranking of an effective way, Only grasp the good degree, can in a short time, our keywords (for example, the customer in the search box search in Baidu called My Queen mask, through this approach, we can make a good site to seize the first 10 pages of Baidu) ranked in front of the position.
Another method called the Pan-station group, we can generate thousands of single pages through the Pan-station program, each single page can be done without repetition, which put our contact, the system automatically do everything for us.
Eight, Baidu Library drainage
Baidu Library, you need to register an account in Baidu, then go to the library inside the original article you wrote, remember, here to emphasize the original two words, because now Baidu library than before, audit strict many, if not original articles, or false original do not good articles, is absolutely not through. So, if you think you have a certain talent in writing articles, then you can insist on writing an original article every day, and then in the article, between the paragraphs, clever plug in your own contact, such as micro-signal, QQ number and so on, but remember must not be too obvious.
Nine, Baidu question and answer drainage
The same reason as Baidu Library, but also need a Baidu account, you can first send a question up, such as "Call Me Queen mask how", and then quit the current account, a small log up, and then answer the question just now, we call ourselves to answer, in the question, cleverly put the contact way to write up, for example, We this way to answer "my sister used, feel special face, very easy to use, she is in a certain general generation there take, we may wish to understand, her micro-signal is xxxxx." However, now Baidu to ask the audit more and more stringent, many people in the process of doing so, many times will be faced by the Baidu seal the situation, we can try first, and then to verify the teacher's statement.
Ten, Sina micro-bo Drainage
Sina Weibo active users 60 million, as the most popular social network media share is the micro-business to promote a major position, because marketing is always the customer where, marketing promotion will be where! Let me tell you how to use the microblogging campaign effectively.
1, micro-win name: in micro-blog a lot of small partners on the microblog name of a variety of, it is difficult to let fans remember you, so if you choose to do on the microblog marketing or to pay attention to their microblog nickname.
2, interactive methods: Many micro-business brothers in other people's talk directly to send advertising information, this hard wide start will let people compare bad feelings, it is difficult to trust. So at the beginning of the interaction try to provide helpful and suggested comments.
3, Hot topic: micro-business can be found to become the relevant hot topic participants. You can find the most popular topics of interest to your product's target audience, and identify the participants, which are also potential customers.
4, the industry well-known micro-blog: You can find some more well-known related industries of micro-blog, such as mask products, you can pay attention to the mask type of popular micro-bo, forwarding, commenting on their microblog is also your target fans!
Xi. Classification and extension of drainage Dafa
Bai is a well-known classified information network. However, when I browsed the same city dating information, I stumbled upon some dating information that was given to the micro quotient, as shown below:

Look at the picture above, from the surface, you see this is just a girl's dating information, open the information can not see what, just an introduction, leave a micro-signal, as follows: At this time, if you think this is a dating information, some boys will come up with micro-mail and her micro-signal, But if you add a little letter, you will know that she is a micro-trader. Her micro-letter signature said that the day may not be online, want to product can leave a message.
For the use of classified information network to add people to the method, you have to know that your users are male or female, otherwise you add to more people and what is the point? I give you the advice is, do not leave a little advertising information in the micro-letter, and other people are added to the occasional ad.
If you think about it, what do you do for a family? is to make friends, but a plus your micro-letter found that you are a micro-business, they see after the feeling was cheated, which still have the mood to buy your product? Therefore, the micro-business is also to build on the basis of trust. This is just a skill, good use is a good way, not good enough to do.
12, the Forum type website drainage
This needless to say, the release of soft text, to be in the middle of the article cleverly inserted signals. But the post must write good, the title takes the human eyeball, the value feeling is strong, simultaneously must give the reader enough imagination Space, tempts him to add you. There are a few things to pay attention to, must be sent in the corresponding forum, so as to prevent the deletion, drainage to the fans will be relatively accurate. That 50 dollars to send 3,000, don't think about it, completely blind nonsense.
13, SEO Drainage
Drainage method is: is the micro-letter two-dimensional code PS to the picture above, and then use the means of SEO to the image of Baidu image into the search page. Of course I said here, in fact, many people do not understand SEO optimization. But it doesn't matter. Actual combat strategy:
How to take your picture with two-dimensional code to Baidu image of the search results of the home page?
Method 1: The picture you do upload to your Baidu album inside, and then the photo with you to promote the keyword name, and then in the label when the relevant keywords can be, because Baidu in the crawl search results, whenever their own products are the first choice.
Method 2: In the two-dimensional code to write: see more pictures Please scan, and then go to add QQ Group, to QQ group inside to send such a picture.
Method 3: If you are a ladies Taobao, you add a two-dimensional code of your women's pictures, and then to the beautiful said, or Mushroom Street site, or women's forum to send.
Note: Here, the only point to understand the SEO skills is to choose keywords, keyword as far as possible to select the accurate.
14, Friend Software drainage
For example, you can casually join a mo, such as some exchanges and so on, and then released some topics, because just interactive interaction, there will be a lot of not micro-business plus you, this method is very effective.
XV, Mail drainage
This is needless to say. You know you have to learn email marketing. More importantly, you must know that if someone sends you an email, your micro-letter is visible.
16, soft paper drainage
This is the most difficult one way, but also a lot of master most commonly used a trick, and the best effect, so put in the first, soft wen for a certain style of people should not be difficult, you can share some dry goods, as long as the value of the network will be widely disseminated, will bring you a large number of fans, if you want to be able to contribute valuable content.
To sum up, the above methods are given to the struggling micro-merchants!
OK, the above information is small make up for you to do micro-business friends brought to the details of the micro-business 15 to find accurate source of the method to share the full content of the everyone in the micro-business friends now see here, small knitting believe you are now very clear the way, ladies and gentlemen, Xiao Bian suggested that the novice drainage method to learn one is enough, do not try, because the drainage method this thing is time-sensitive, with more people, the effect of natural poor, so and the implementation is the key to success, so when the next method to implement as soon as possible oh.

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