Microsoft Architect interprets Windows Server R2 new features

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At present, many enterprises have begun to find a more suitable for their own development of the server operating platform. Microsoft's Windows Server R2 is able to solve the problem of server platform for everyone. Microsoft's latest server platform, Windows Server R2 has been released for some time, compared to the upgrade of Windows Server 08,R2 and not just the version number, which introduces many new exciting features such as Hyper-V 2.0, IIS 7.5, Active Directory Recycle Bin, enhanced PowerShell, and more.

So, what are the benefits that R2 can bring to the enterprise, and whether these new features will attract enterprises to upgrade it architecture? What issues do you need to be aware of when upgrading to R2?

Asked for answers to these questions, we invited Mr. Yang Fei, Technical architect of Microsoft Technology Center, to explain the new features of Windows Server R2 and the benefits that businesses can gain by upgrading to the R2 platform.

Mr. Yang Fei, Technical Architect, Microsoft Technology Center

What kind of user is suitable for upgrading

Windows Server R2 has many new features, so what do these features really mean to users? What are the benefits of upgrading, and are all users required to upgrade? Speaking of this topic, Yang Fei's view is that not all users are suitable for upgrading, from a technical architect's point of view, sometimes need to upgrade, sometimes do not need to upgrade.

New features of Windows Server R2

Yang Fei a few examples to illustrate, the first is suitable for the upgrade situation: "Choose upgrade or not, can be considered from two places." The first server operating system and the client's operating system are very different, one is in the Windows Server R2 itself with the features, just now we see that the new features are covered by Windows Server itself, such as the previous use of Windows 2003 do the ad Server, which is a good directory service. Our users in China are actually the world's largest users of ad services in China, banks, equivalent to the world's largest ad users are Chinese users. ”

"Why are these users eager to upgrade from 2003 to R2?" Because the R2 inside has a very good recycle Bin function, before the ad everyone know that a delete is not, China ad users so large, an organization is probably 300,000 of the client, 300,000 people's management is certainly not one or two administrator can do. Must be a provincial and ground-level institutions are in use, the previous version of 2003 is completely unable to do, the need for very professional technology in the bottom of the search, in order to delete the object of the mistake to find out. Now with the features of Windows Server R2, it is very easy to operate. ”

"In addition, for example, IIS enhancements, what is the difference between 2000 and 2003 IIS?" It doesn't look any different, it's all about running basic applications. But after R2, since IIS became fully modular, it was very exciting for users to build their own sites exactly as needed. The modularity of the functionality completely isolates the risks inside, and it's a good experience when IIS enterprise dozens of apps are in it and won't cause other applications to go down because of the one or two app coding problems. ”

Then, Yang Fei also examples of the situation is not suitable for upgrading: "For example, the user takes Windows Server system, as the bottom of the operating system, running their own industry applications, some industry applications write better, if the above run SAP and so on, these are very good developers to help you do." If the industry uses very small companies to do, in the local invited a small company to do, the application has been developed for 35 years, but also good, the function is satisfied. But its application is written on Windows 2000 or 2003, now the system upgrade to Windows Server R2, do you want to upgrade it? This is a problem, some applications can not be easily migrated to the new operating system, there is a problem, I can not find the original supplier, in most cases is not found. ”

"So our advice to customers is that if your Windows Server app is running on top of your industry applications, and this app is not a big vendor to help you develop, a clear logo for this app can easily be migrated to Windows Server R2, I recommend that you consider a different way to upgrade, which is also a R2 to help you do, the way to upgrade virtualization. This is particularly common, because I have seen a lot of customers have some business systems, such as running Windows 2000, some Windows 98 business system, the machine can only pray not bad every day, buy new machines these operating systems are not found, there is no way to ensure normal operation. The application of this system, also can not be installed, also can not reinstall, because all the system work is a good one, you also do not know whether you can move past, through the virtual way to let it run on the new machine. ”

The benefits of the Microsoft Virtualization feature for the Enterprise

A major improvement in Windows Server R2 is virtualization, with embedded Hyper-V 2.0 introducing many new features, such as live migration, and Microsoft Virtualization has many unique advantages over competitors. In Microsoft Hyper-V, the virtual machine is not running on the operating system, and Yang Fei is explained with a demo:

"Microsoft's virtualization is placed on the operating system, we see a lot of vendors are placed under the operating system, Microsoft due to the particularity of the architecture, once the Hyper-V is turned on, the original installation of Windows Server R2 will be degraded into one virtual machine is actually reduced use, becomes a virtual machine. This is a virtual machine running in Windows Server R2, CPU usage, we are the software to be pressurized, you can see the virtual machine is a full utilization. On the left there is a task manager that shows a zero usage rate. ”

Microsoft Virtualization Features Demo

"Although you can see another virtual machine, actually with that virtual machine is parallel, so-called in the physical machine installed operating system, so is zero, this is reasonable." See that you are zero, but do not see the value in another virtual machine, in the lower right corner of the performance viewer is turned on, is 52%. The task Manager of the physical machine is 4 CPUs, and the virtual machine is 2 CPUs, accounting for 100%. The physical machine accounted for 50% of the overall computing performance, the physical machine in the operating system itself also accounted for a point, so 52% is a very reasonable number. ”

Then there is good compatibility, Yang Fei explains: "Why do we recommend you use the Windows Server R2 virtualization architecture?" There are a lot of reasons. First, Windows Server can almost be considered to be the best compatibility on the market, there are tens of thousands of hardware on the market that support Windows Server, after the Windows Server hardware certification program is countless, all the authentication can be installed on virtualization, Many virtualization manufacturers need a compatibility list, bought a brand server, even if one of the network card does not meet even the card version does not meet, still can not start. This is the very big difference between Microsoft and the other vendors, we do better in terms of compatibility, and basically we can assume that all of the virtualized hardware will be able to run the virtualization of Windows Server 2008. ”

Another point is that can be very good for the migration of virtual machines, in this, Yang Fei a case to explain: "We casually find a notebook, with a laptop CPU, is not the CPU of the server, that is, the normal dual-core CPU, we migrate to the notebook through the online virtual application, run up , the user is very surprised to be able to move freely in this kind of logic, this is an exciting feature. ”

Optimized energy consumption control for energy saving and emission reduction

At present, energy conservation and emission reduction, Green has become a subject of concern. What are the new features of Windows Server R2 in this energy saving? To address this issue, Yang Fei said that the R2 was optimized on the kernel, and the same configured server, with R2 in idle state, was 30% more energy efficient than Windows Server 2003, which makes sense for a large-scale deployment environment.

"In the Windows Server R2 kernel level on the power control to do some optimization, optimization of the degree of detail, the user can not see, the actual performance of the comparison is very high. If you have the same hardware installed, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server R2,windows Server 2003 will have more than 30% power consumption compared to Windows Server R2. Not only that, but also through virtualization technology and management technology, we can reduce energy consumption to a lower. ”

"Here is a case, Microsoft in Shanghai, the Purple Bamboo Park has Microsoft Asia's largest development center, we through the virtual way, virtual more than 1500 servers, the server's savings is 9 million yuan, we think this number is very large, in fact, then everyone a real cost this is nothing, Because 9 million yuan only saves the hardware cost, but the electricity cost to be higher, each year has to have 9 million yuan. With the virtualization and energy management of Windows Server R2, the annual savings can be significant. ”

Microsoft Architect interprets Windows Server R2 new features

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