Microsoft TTS, Neospeech TTS for simple use, neospeech. tts

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Microsoft TTS, Neospeech TTS for simple use, neospeech. tts
Microsoft TTS and Neospeech TTS for simple use

Today, I started Microsoft's TTS, visited a lot of web pages and blogs, and worked on something together.

First, add a class library call. The system's built-in system. speech

1 using System.Speech.Synthesis;

Then you can call the method.

1 SpeechSynthesizer speech = new SpeechSynthesizer (); 2 speech. rate = int. parse (dudRate. text); // speech speed 3 speech. speak ("Hello TTS"); 4 speech. dispose ();

There is a speech. SelectVoiceByHints () method. According to its explanation, I can select my own voice. I thought I was amazed at Microsoft's strength while writing. It is useless when writing good luck, and there is no change at all. Of course, I don't know where the default sound comes from. Then I read the method on one side and found a read-only member speech. voice, which has many attributes (age, gender, name ...). Click "name" to see who my computer sounds. The result is Micrsoft HUihui Desktop. A little too much. This name can be found in the narrator and speech recognition in the control panel. My system is win8 and there is a Micrsoft Zira Desktop, which can only read English. Huihui can read all the data, but the English Reading effect is not as good as Zira.

This is how to set the voice. If this parameter is not set, the default value is used.

1 speech.SelectVoice("Micrsoft HUihui Desktop");

All of them are female voices, so I'm tired of listening to them. Sometimes I have to change my taste. Want to see if there are other voices in the system?

It seems that Microsoft has a powerful Dawn .. I tried it with hope, but I never expected to jump out of an English website, and there was no other voice, And the webpage looked a little older. Then I searched for it in the Microsoft community, saying that the speaker's voice cannot be added. Okay ~~

Add other language libraries, all of which are good for NeoSpeech. It has several types

A Paul is directly installed at the beginning and called.

1 speech.SelectVoice("VW Paul");2 speech。speak("Hello");

Run to listen to, it is really good to hear. It's not because I have a problem. It's because the voice that comes with the system doesn't work well. It feels better to use female voice later. But I wrote a hello. Why can he say so much .. After hearing this several times, I found that it was originally an advertisement, but I did not register it. How can I use this because of my integrity? So I went online and found that there were genuine Chinese Dictionary websites.

Attachment download link

There is also a function for saving audio, code:

1 SpeechSynthesizer speech = new SpeechSynthesizer (); 2 SaveFileDialog file = new SaveFileDialog (); 3 file. title = "Save audio files"; 4 file. initialDirectory = ". \ "; // The initial directory of the dialog box 5 file. filter = "audio file | *. wav "; // file filter 6 file to be displayed in the dialog box. restoreDirectory = true; // whether to restore the current directory before the control dialog box is closed. filterIndex = 1; // the index of the selected file filter in the dialog box. If the first item is selected, it is set to 1 8 file. addExtension = true; 9 if (file. showDialog () = DialogResult. OK) 10 {11 speech. setOutputToWaveFile (file. fileName); // The Order of the three methods cannot be changed. 12 speech. speak (richTextBox1.Text); 13 speech. setOutputToNull (); 14}

A bit messy


Why didn't I answer a similar question recently when I installed the neospeech TTS voice engine? For details, refer:
Hi, please feel free to think about it.
1. Can the newly installed TTS be voiced in the 'Control panel '\ 'voice'-'test? There are also tests in Kingsoft.
2. If you replace 'Sam 'with 'Kate', will it be automatically changed back to 'Sam '?
3.6.2 has been cracked. If you manually install the file, you must place the 'verification.txt 'authorization file under' \ Character Builder \ Speech Packs \ NeoSpeech XXX \ data-common \ verify '(XXX is kate or paul ).
4. install other TTS audible software (both very small), such as TTS Reader, to check whether Paul and Kate can be used normally.
5. you can try to modify the Registry 'HKEY _ LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Speech \ Voices \ tokens' and try to delete or rename it 'mssan' to make it invalid, check whether the newly installed Kate is there... (This item is backed up before modification ).
6. I have used a lot of information in the donkey's 'HTTP: //', 'discussion.

Think of these for now... good luck...
TTS can be used for voice installation. TTD relies on patches and cannot be used for cracking or conflict (?) ...
Q: What software should I use to read NeoSpeech TTS Speech Synthesis engine? To achieve the effect in this video? TTS Reader

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