Microsoft is taking it seriously! Microsoft's Surface tablet was attacked, and the intelx86 I5 CPU was used to support Windows 8 Pro and fully compatible with PC-side software.

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Background: Not long ago, one of Microsoft's "major moves" was to release Microsoft's non-OEM tablet-Surface tablet, which was unexpected to everyone; after Google nexus7 was released on Apple's iPad, Microsoft rarely produced terminal hardware devices for ordinary users before that, except for small household appliances such as mouse and keyboard :~)

Google nexus7


Surface tablet



The following situation will help you analyze what the "Microsoft flat" will bring to us:


1. from pure entertainment to writers, designers,ProgramStaff tool: the biggest highlight of the surface is the addition of the keyboard + mouse! This is a weakness of the iPad, because many people do not simply use tablets as entertainment tools, and the surface greatly makes up for this, the keyboard + touchpad mouse method allows you to use a Surface tablet like a normal PC. Therefore, the gap between the tablet and the PC will become increasingly blurred over time.


Ii. New Form of PC: As Gates said, the surface will be a combination of tablets and PCs, which will change people's perception of PCs in the future, that is, tablets are PCs, A tablet is just a form of PC. You can also say that a PC is used in another way.


Iii. Hardware CPU: The surface flat enhancement Board uses Intel x86 Ivy platform CPU (I5 or i7), which may be U series, such as i53317u, i53696u, and i73749, you cannot remember the specific model ~ The memory must be larger than 2 GB! Apple iPad is definitely not comparable ~


Iv. Screen and storage: Microsoft has also made great efforts in memory and hard disk, and the configuration has completely killed apple! The x86 version is directly on 64 gb ssd and 128 gb ssd. You need to know that this is the configuration of Apple air, and the screen is also powerful. cleartype1080p is used directly! This must be 1280x768 or above!


V. battery or battery: this should not be a big problem at present, because the current super version is equipped with Intel Ivy's I5 and i7u series, the battery can last 6 ~ 8 hours should not be a problem at all.


6. Surface flat appearance: Provides the standard USB interface, screen lock, Volume key, and video output! USB is absolutely awesome, which means you can take the mouse ...... (Unless you use a wireless mouse ......), Other USB devices are charged for power supply! It is equivalent to a small mobile power supply! Video output is equally powerful! It is much easier to present a PPT at a meeting! These are not portable for the iPad. Of course, the iPad also has video input components, but you need to purchase software and hardware separately.



The following table describes the configuration of the High Version of the surface flat panel (except for the CPU and System RT ):


Color currently, Microsoft only provides metallic gray, and there are multiple options for the keyboard, mainly for business colors. It is not ruled out that there will be other colors in the future. The size is close to that of the iPad, and the thickness is thicker than that of the iPad, the main reason is that the USB port itself is relatively thick, so the shell is not easy to be thin.


In the past, people thought that Microsoft did not produce end products of its own brand. In terms of product configuration, it should be close to the current "super-local" configuration! I predict the sales price for iPad, and the Surface tablet price should be set to around 3900 ~ About 5900rmb.

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